Welcome to the BC Public Service sessions

Last updated: April 6, 2023

A Welcome to the BC Public Service (IDIR restricted) session will introduce you to life in the public service.

These sessions are designed specifically for auxiliary and regular employees who are early in their careers and new to the BC Public Service. Co-op employees have their own uniquely designed set of orientation activities.

Register for a session

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Use the learning system (IDIR restricted) to find an upcoming session.
Select 'Learning Home' and then type 'welcome' into the 'Search for Learning' window.


Schedule: Multiple sessions are held every month. As new sessions are scheduled, they're added to the learning system.

Benefits of attending

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As a new employee, this two hour virtual session will provide you with an understanding of the context and landscape of the BC Public Service.
During the Welcome to the BC Public Service session, you will:
  • Learn about the context and current landscape of the BC Public Service
  • Explore the Standards of Conduct, corporate values and ethics
  • Take the oath of employment
  • Discover some resources to help you throughout your career
New employees have 90 days to complete their oath of employment.

Ask questions or get more information: Onboarding.Support@gov.bc.ca