Extend the Offer

Once the assessment and selection have been completed and years of continuous service considered, where applicable, you are ready to make your appointment decision.

Before you make your final decision and notify applicants, reflect back on your staffing action. Make sure that you are satisfied that the hiring process was based on the principle of merit, that applicants were considered fairly and consistently and that you selected qualified and competent individuals.

When you have made your decision to proceed, notify the applicants, offer the job to the successful applicant and advise unsuccessful applicants of the result.

The successful applicant may want to discuss salary. If compensation is an issue when hiring a new employee, you may consider an uprange hire.

Offer Letter

If you have hired through the Recruitment Management System (RMS), we will create the offer letter, you will approve it, and the approved letter will be sent to the successful person. New B.C. government employees will have to provide their Social Insurance Number (SIN) and date of birth when accepting the offer online.

If you are creating an offer letter on your own, use the appropriate template. Ensure you submit the offer letter with the employee’s SIN and date of birth to AskMyHR. If you need assistance, contact the BC Public Service Agency.

Regret Letters

If you have hired through the RMS, we will send regret letters to the unsuccessful applicants.

If you are creating regret letters on your own use this template (DOCX, 95KB) and keep copies with the competition file.

If there are qualified candidates you wish to offer future vacancies, consider establishing an eligibility list.

Review Period

After receiving a regret letter, unsuccessful applicants have five calendar days to request feedback about the hiring decision.

Providing Feedback

Offering and providing feedback to unsuccessful employee applicants is a critical element in the staffing process. As required under the Public Service Act, the individual responsible for an appointment decision must notify all unsuccessful employee applicants of the appointment decision and offer to provide feedback by explaining the reasons why they were not offered the position.

Security Screening

If the position requires security screening, the successful applicant must clear security screening before the offer can be confirmed. If screening is not required, proceed to the confirmation letter step.

The hiring manager sends a Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information (PDF, 116KB) to the applicant. Once applicants return the consent form, follow its directions on how to submit the information to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. You will receive notification when security screening has been completed and the offer can be confirmed.

Confirmation Letter

If you have hired through the RMS, the Hiring Centre will send the confirmation letter on your behalf after the review period has concluded and security screening results (if required) have been received.

If creating a confirmation letter on your own, use the appropriate template(s) and email a signed copy to AskMyHR.

If appropriate, information on relocation may be included with the confirmation letter.