Managing leaves and absences

Last updated: April 1, 2019

Find out how to manage your employees’ leaves and absences. 

Both supervisors and employees are accountable for managing leaves.

Supervisors sign off on leaves and expenses and must do the following:

  • Determine if the employee is eligible for pay while on the requested leave
  • Review employee leave requests and approve or deny them
  • Consider operational requirements before approving a leave request
  • Ensure leave taken is recorded on a timely basis
  • Confirm leave banks before approving leave and/or authorizing leave banks to be paid out
  • Ensure sufficient funds exist within their respective budgets to provide for costs associated with leave
  • Advise the employee of the leave and pay decisions and provide an explanation

Employees must ensure that:

  • Leave is requested when absence from work is necessary
  • Leave is authorized
  • Leave taken is recorded in a timely basis
  • Leave balance records are correct
  • Leave banks are not exceeded
  • Eligibility for paid leave is demonstrated

Review the pages below for more information on specific types of leave.