Security Screening

Security screening checks the history and background of successful applicants and current employees. For most positions, screening consists of a criminal record check, which is a search for convictions, penalties or outstanding charges.

Three levels of security screening exist:

  • BC Public Service Criminal Record Check is required for all designated positions.
  • Criminal Records Review Act Check is required for applicants or current employees working with vulnerable adults or children under 19 years of age.
  • Enhanced Security Screening includes a higher level of criminal record check plus additional checks that may include fingerprinting, background checks, professional/educational verification checks, financial checks, screening questionnaires, and any other screening checks required for the position.

Screening is mandatory for all designated positions in the BC Public Service. Hiring managers are responsible for confirming if and when screening is required. If an applicant or employee doesn't consent to screening, they can’t be offered the position.

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Designating Positions

A position’s responsibilities determine whether security screening is required. Complete a Position Screening Designation form to establish the security screening requirements for a new position or an existing position where the duties have changed.

When to Screen

Security screening is required for all new employees hired into designated positions and for current employees changing to designated positions.

  • New appointments (current employees successful in a job competition)
  • Auxiliary employees moving to regular positions
  • Temporary assignments
  • Acting assignments and substitutions
  • Transfers (including lateral transfers)
  • Rehired employees including returning retirees

When Not to Screen

If an employee has had a criminal record check completed, it's not necessary to complete a new check

  • For coverage of short-term absences
  • When moving to another designated position with substantially similar duties and risk factors as the previous position
  • Where an auxiliary employee with service seniority is recalled or hired through competition into exactly the same job without a break in service

Enhanced Security Screening

An approved business case is required for all current or planned positions that require enhanced security screening. Use the Enhanced Security Screening Business Case Template (PDF, 133KB) to get started.

Criminal Record Check Results

Results are provided to hiring managers indicating only “no risk” (a job offer can be made) or “risk to employment” (job offer can't be made). If the results show that the applicant cannot be offered the job, the hiring manager provides a letter to the applicant to inform them that they will not be hired based on the results and how they can request details on the decision through the Personnel Security Screening Office.

Applicants also have the option to request a review of the decision by the deputy minister. This must be done within seven days of receiving the notification.