Resources, Training & Support for Supervisors

There are numerous resources, training opportunities, and supports available to managers and supervisors in the BC Public Service. If you can’t find what you need, or are unsure where to start, submit an AskMyHR service request.


Refer to the resources below when setting expectations and managing problems with employees.

For a full list of forms and tools related to managing employee in the BC Public Service, visit Forms & Tools for Managers & Supervisors.

Departing or Transferring Employees

Do you have employees who are resigning, retiring or moving into a new role in the BC Public Service? The Departing or Transferring Employees Guide (PDF, 733KB) provides advice on records transfers, disposition, and related activities following an employee transfer or departure.

Health & Well-being

Explore the programs and resources that promote health and well-being and provide support for BC Public Service employees and their families.


Early Intervention & Return to Work e-Learning Series

The Early Intervention and Return to Work e-Learning Series cover a range of topics related to supporting employees who have an illness or injury to stay at work or return to work as soon as possible after a period of illness or injury.

The Learning Centre

Visit the Learning CentreRestricted Access to register for courses offered by the BC Public Service.

Labour Relations

  • Labour Relations 101 - Provides a basic, general understanding of the structure of the Collective Agreement, the legislation behind it, and how to use the Collective Agreement.
  • Labour Relations 201: Advanced Labour Relations - Helps you develop skills and knowledge to manage and address concerns regarding employee performance, absenteeism or misconduct.
  • Labour Relations 301: Investigative Skills Workshop - Provides you with the information and tools you need to investigate workplace issues and make decisions in a fair, productive and defensible manner.
  • Labour Relations Investigations - A 90 minute online resource that provides essential information, key steps, skills and tools to conduct routine investigations of allegations of employee wrongdoing.
  • Standards of Conduct - This online course outlines the responsibility of a supervisor in ensuring the Standards of Conduct of the BC Public Service are upheld.

Building Relationships

  • Coaching Approach to Conversations - This face-to-face course provides supervisors with the tools they need to bring out the best in their staff.



Coaching Services delivers high impact services that help leaders at all levels achieve individual, team and organizational results.

  • Leadership Coaching: Partner with your coach to achieve your goals and become a more effective leader regardless of title.
  • Team Coaching: Whether you're a leadership, operational or project team, invest in your performance with this customized service.
  • Group Coaching: Engage with a small group for coaching around a common topic.

Conflict Management Services

Conflict Management Services includes a range of in-house and contracted services and supports to assist you with managing conflict, including:

  • Consultation.
  • Conflict Coaching Services.
  • Facilitated Conversation Services.
  • Mediation Services.
  • Workplace Conflict Intervention Services.

People Leader Advice Line

The People Leader Advice Line is a telephone based service provided by the BC Public Service Agency through its Employee & Family Assistance Services (EFAS) contract.This service is for a manager, supervisor, union representative, HR or an occupational health and safety specialist who needs advice on how to address a difficult workplace situation or conversation.

You might call the People Leader Advice Line if you're:

  • Planning to have a difficult or sensitive conversation with an employee.
  • Dealing with an employee who is showing possible signs of mental illness, addiction or unusual behaviour.
  • Dealing with reports of workplace harassment or bullying.
  • Dealing with a critical incident in the workplace; for example, violence, accident or sudden death.
  • Supporting an employee dealing with a family difficulty or other personal issue.
  • Feeling unsure of how to handle an intra-office conflict amongst employees or a disgruntled employee.

The People Leader Advice Line is a telephone based service available free of charge and is completely confidential. Speak immediately with an experienced clinical professional regarding workplace situations that could benefit from short-term professional, third-party perspective and advice.

The People Leader Advice Line isn't intended to serve employees in general; employees should be in a managerial or supervisory position to access this service. Through EFAS, non-supervisory employees can access other services, such as short-term counselling for advice. The Public Service Agency also offers Conflict Management Services.

To access the People Leader Advice Line, call the EFAS provider directly at 1-800-655-5004, Option 2, and request a "People Leader Consultation."