Supervisor Resources

A collection of resources to help you in your supervisory role:

Manager Advice Line

This service is for a manager, supervisor, union representative, HR or occupational health and safety specialist, who needs just-in-time advice on how to address a difficult workplace situation or conversation.

You might call the Manager Advice Line if you are

  • Planning to have a difficult or sensitive conversation with an employee
  • Dealing with an employee who is showing possible signs of mental illness, addiction or unusual behaviour
  • Dealing with reports of workplace harassment or bullying
  • Dealing with a critical incident in the workplace for example, violence, accident or sudden death
  • Supporting an employee who is dealing with a family difficulty or other personal issue
  • Feeling unsure of how to handle an intra-office conflict among employees or handle a disgruntled employee

The Manager Advice Line is a telephone-based service available free of charge and is completely confidential. Speak immediately with a Morneau Shepell experienced clinical professional regarding workplace situations that could benefit from short-term professional, third-party perspective and advice. On-site team-focused clinical services are available through Workplace Intervention Services.

The Manager Advice Line is not intended to serve employees in general; employees should be in a managerial or supervisory position to access this service. Through Morneau Shepell, non-supervisory employees can access other services, such as short-term counselling for advice. Also, the Agency offers conflict coaching services.

Access the Manager Advice Line

Call Morneau Shepell directly at 1-800-655-5004, select Option 2 and request a “Manager Consultation.”

Workplace Intervention Services

Morneau Shepell also offers in-person team-focused Workplace Intervention Services on a fee-for-service basis upon request. This service is designed to help challenging workplace situations, such as problematic team behaviour or performance, restoring a workplace after a bullying situation, or helping a team cope with difficult change. A clinical professional works collaboratively with the workplace to fully assess the situation and create a customized workplace response to begin to address the issue. See Conflict Management Services for additional resources.

Access Workplace Intervention Services

Call Morneau Shepell directly at 1 877 595-8419 and request Workplace Intervention Services. Or, send a service request via e-mail to with “Workplace Intervention—Ministry Name” in the subject line and a brief summary of the situation in the e-mail body.  The ministry or agency representative who requests this service will be billed through the BC Public Service Agency.

Departing or Transferring Employees

Do you have employees who are resigning, retiring or moving into a new role in the BC Public Service? The Departing or Transferring Employees Guide (PDF, 731KB) provides advice on records transfers, disposition and related activities following an employee transfer or departure.