Conflict Management Services

Conflict at Work? We Can Help

The Conflict Management Office (CMO) helps you effectively resolve interpersonal and team related workplace conflict. We empower and support you to engage in challenging conversations that respect differences, with the aim to lead to meaningful and lasting resolution.

Our Intake Coordinator can answer questions and help you decide if conflict management is right for you. To request support or to learn more, choose one of the options below:

Choose the CMO

  • It's Easy. We come to you and help find solutions to the conflict.
  • It Works. Over 90% of our conflict services result in successful outcomes.
  • It's Voluntary. You decide to participate. Everyone is invested in the process.
  • It's Confidential. Information shared with the CMO won't be shared without your consent. Read our Confidentiality Clause.
  • You're in Control. You determine the outcomes.

How the CMO Can Help

The CMO offers a range of in-house and contracted services to assist you.

  • Consulting: Connect with a Mediator & Conflict Management Specialist to share your perspective on the conflict, get advice, and learn about your options.
  • Conflict Coaching: Increase your competence and confidence to manage interpersonal workplace conflict through this 1–to–1 service.
  • Facilitated Conversations: Develop better ways of communicating and understanding with the support of an impartial facilitator.
  • Mediation: Resolve specific issues of importance through a structured process with an impartial mediator.
  • Workplace Improvement Process: Achieve objectives set by management by working collaboratively in this supported group process.

Meet the CMO Team

The CMO team is a group of trained and experienced conflict management experts who will support you in resolving your conflict effectively.

Learn more about the Conflict Management Services Team.

For More Information

Get answers to your questions by contacting the Intake Coordinator. We'll help you decide if conflict management is right for you.

Information shared with CMO staff about a workplace conflict is confidential and won't be disclosed to third parties without your consent, with the exception of:

  • Confirmation of service to an excluded manager/supervisor agency staff as necessary
  • When required by law
  • Anonymously, for research, statistical, or for educational purposes, or
  • Where a conflict management specialist believes the situation:
    • Contravenes the law
    • Misuses the public funds or assets
    • Suggests an actual or potential danger to the health and safety of others, or
    • Represents a significant danger to the environment