Leadership Coaching

Special Notice

Due to high demand for services and a growing waiting list, we regret to announce we currently aren't accepting new requests for Leadership Coaching. A new Leadership Coaching format and application process will launch in the fall of 2019. Applicants will be assessed based on readiness, commitment, fit and potential impact. Details to share at this time include limited space offering based on assessment, regularly scheduled start dates throughout the year. In addition to the current Individual Leadership Coaching format, a one-to-one client and coach partnership, a Group Coaching format will be introduced, where up to eight participants form a group partnership with a coach. Learn more about Group Coaching, and be sure to look for more information in the coming months on this page and on @Work.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a powerful and collaborative partnership between you and your coach that increases your leadership capacity. It accelerates your organization’s progress towards innovative results. Our Business and Leadership Coaches lead a process aimed at:

  • Assessing and understanding your business challenges and development need(s);
  • Solidifying specific and measurable goals for the duration of your coaching engagement;
  • Establishing links between your coaching goals, activities, individual and team performance, results and business outcomes, and corporate priorities and goals;
  • Engaging in critical thinking, real-time problem-solving;
  • Challenging current limitations and unleashing your potential;
  • Ensuring action, accountability and measurement to support you in achieving defined goals;
  • Building leadership competencies and skill for self-coaching and coaching other.

The Leadership Coaching service involves your supervisor and other stakeholders in your area of business. The input they offer will help you align your goals with those of your organization, as well as the priorities of Government. Involving your supervisor in your coaching can strengthen your relationship and communication. Your coach will work with you to establish the customized support you will need on a day-to-day basis to meet your goals.

Leadership Coaching sessions are virtual and in person when possible. Your success is dependent on your consistent effort and a 4–12 month time commitment. The duration and frequency of your coaching sessions will be customized by you and your coach based on your goals, the outcomes defined through coaching, and your operational needs.