Managing Auxiliary Employees

Auxiliary Conversion

Auxiliary conversion is changing the status of an employee from auxiliary to regular. This is a very complex issue. Supervisors are advised to contact AskMyHR by submitting a service request with the category My Team/Organization > Employee & Labour Relations > Employee Status Change to be directed to an HR Specialist for information and guidance when they believe they have an employee that may be eligible for auxiliary conversion to regular status.

Auxiliary Seniority, Layoff & Recall

For Bargaining Unit auxiliary employees, seniority determines the order in which employees are laid off and recalled. Seniority is based on hours worked at straight time rates within a single seniority unit. Seniority units are outlined in the Component Agreements. Overtime doesn't count towards seniority. In order to determine seniority and layoff, run a PeopleSoft report.


PeopleSoft has two reports that assist you to manage your auxiliary employee seniority, layoff, and recall. You need additional access to run these reports.

To access:

  • Go to My Time & Pay/PS Help.
  • Enter the search criteria: PeopleSoft Access.
  • When filling out the PeopleSoft Application for Access form, manually write in your request for access in Section 5.
  • If you have access already, you may only need to have additional access to BC-RPTSAUX or RECALL.

To get access to BC-RPTSAUX:

  • Go to PS Help/Learning Library/Security.
  • Click on PeopleSoft Application for Access.
  • Complete Sections 1 to 3.
  • Forward the application to your supervisor for approval and then to the security administrator.

For detailed instructions on running a report:

  • Go to Time & Pay, then PS Help.
  • Enter either Auxiliary Recall or Auxiliary Seniority, depending on which report you want to run.
  • Contact AskMyHR if you want help running or interpreting the report. Submit a service request with the category My Team/Organization > Employee & Labour Relations > Other Issues & Inquiries.

Run an Auxiliary Seniority or Recall Report.

Watch the video on how to run an Auxiliary Seniority or Recall Report.

Seniority Lists & Privacy

If an employee asks about their seniority compared with other employees, supervisors can only reveal whether or not there are others with more seniority. They must not reveal the identity of the employees. If you post a seniority list, it can only include employee numbers and not names, position numbers, titles, or anything else that identifies employees.


If you're required to lay off an employee in a seasonal or on-call auxiliary position, check first to see if there are any auxiliaries within the same seniority unit at the same classification with fewer seniority hours. If there are, the employee with the fewest hours, therefore the least amount of auxiliary seniority, must be laid off.

If the auxiliary employee to be laid off is a seasonal employee or has come to the end of their term, they can't bump a junior employee out of that junior employee's current work assignment. See the definitions of auxiliary appointments.


Recall is when an auxiliary employee who has been laid off is brought back to perform the same auxiliary work in the same classification and seniority unit. BCGEU employees retain their right to recall for nine months from the date they last worked. The recall of employees must be in order of seniority of employees that are qualified to do the work within the seniority unit. Excluded employees don't have recall rights and are not laid off; their assignments end.