Terms and conditions for excluded employees and appointees

The Terms and Conditions of Employment for Excluded Employees and Appointees apply to all employees excluded from a bargaining unit agreement and to all appointments made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council that are designated for coverage under this policy.




Indemnity coverage for excluded employees

Indemnity coverage protects employees from the cost of legal proceedings arising from the good faith exercise of their job duties. Indemnity coverage for excluded employees in the BC Public Service is provided by 2 regulations:

  • The Excluded Employees Indemnity Protection Regulation specifies that it is a term and condition of employment that excluded employees be indemnified in accordance with the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation in relation to conduct in the performance of their employment
  • The Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation grants and creates the terms and conditions of indemnity coverage for excluded employees and others. It provides for coverage in a range of proceedings including civil and defamation proceedings, prosecutions and penalty proceedings, proceedings in which the indemnified person is a witness, professional body proceedings, human rights proceedings and appeals. Other elements of indemnity coverage—for example, specifying circumstances where the indemnified person must reimburse government for coverage—are also defined

For a summary of the application and approval process, refer to

For additional details on the terms of coverage, please review the above regulations.

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