Managing employee records

The official employee personnel file is held by the BC Public Service Agency (BCPSA), however supervisors and managers may retain certain job-specific records in their employee supervision and development file.

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Documents required for employee personnel file

The BCPSA requires a copy of the following documentation for new and existing employees:

  • Offer/confirmation letter
  • Order in Council for executive and non-executive appointments
  • Personal and emergency contact information
  • Documents that confirm job qualifications and that have been verified for authenticity; for example, degrees and licences
  • The Oath of Employment form signed by the employee and a BC commissioner for taking affidavits
  • A signed Standards of Conduct Acknowledgement form
  • A signed Internet Communications Technology Usage Agreement
  • A signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure form
  • Police and criminal record check consent forms and clearances
  • Signed temporary assignment agreements/letters
  • Canadian work visas or equivalent documentation
  • Letters of resignation and bridging of service requests
  • Rehabilitative employment letters
  • Letters of suspension
  • Letters of reprimand
  • Letters advising employees of pay classification changes
  • Assignments and reassignments
  • In/out of public service transfers and retroactive classification
  • Letters of expectations
  • Letters of conversion from auxiliary to regular status
  • Seniority adjustment letters
  • Probation letter

Submit employee personnel file documents

Submit the official documents required on an employee personnel file through an AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) online service request. Choose My Team/Organization > Employee & Labour Relations > Employee Personnel File.