Managing employee health issues at work

Last updated: June 15, 2019

The Occupational Health Program helps BC Public Service supervisors engage and support employees who have health conditions that impact their work.

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Supervisors and employees work with a team of occupational health nurses to identify options that help employees manage their condition.

If you're concerned about an employee’s medical condition impacting work, including a possible communicable disease or an unexpected change in employee behaviour, access the program through an AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) service request, using the categories Myself (or) my Team/Organization > Health & Well-Being > Managing Health Issues at Work Prog.

Get involved early and reduce the impact of employee illness and injury. An early consultation with an occupational health nurse supports the employee and may prevent a prolonged absence.

When to access the program

Access the program if:

  • An employee is struggling with a health issue that impacts them while they're at work
  • There are performance or behavioural problems that you believe may be linked to an underlying health issue
  • An employee has reported that health issues are impacting their ability to do their work
  • There are concerns about an unexpected change in the employee’s behaviour or appearance
  • There are concerns an employee may have a possible communicable disease
  • There's an observation about the employee’s behaviour, or information that the employee has provided, which causes concern about the employee’s ability to safely perform the duties of their job
  • An employee has recently returned from a prolonged absence and is having difficulty remaining at work

Early intervention for these situations offers the best outcomes for the employer and the employee.

This approach supports the employee remaining at work and may prevent health-related absences. It also supports you as the supervisor to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

What to expect

AskMyHR puts you in touch with an assigned occupational health nurse and a telephone consultation takes place. The occupational health nurse gathers information from you and explores options and resources. The occupational health nurse will:

  • Ask you about your employee and your concerns
  • Consider any existing health history on file at Occupational Health and Rehabilitation
  • Conduct a review and provide you with recommended strategies

You may receive advice and coaching regarding the next steps, or if appropriate, the occupational health nurse may recommend you consider starting an employee referral to Occupational Health and Rehabilitation.

Throughout the process, be clear with your employee about your observations as well as their performance and behavioural expectations.

If an employee has a medical issue that is not impacting their work but still needs to be addressed, contact AskMyHR for direction. Submit a service request using the category Myself (or) My Team/Organization > Health & Well-being > Managing Health Issues at Work Prog.

Health, safety and sick leave resources

The BC Public Service is committed to a culture that supports employee safety and health.

Whether you're managing your own health, or looking for information to support your team, we have the resources and supports you're looking for.

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