Employment conditions and agreements

Last updated: February 2, 2016

These laws, agreements, policies and values set the rules and conditions for employment in the BC Public Service.

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Find out about current legislation as it relates to your job.

Collective agreements

View your collective agreement if you are a part of the:

  • BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)
  • BC's Union for Professionals (PEA)
  • BC Nurses' Union (BCNU)
  • Queen's Printer/Unifor
  • Crown Counsel Association

Accountability framework for human resource 

All deputy ministers, associate deputy ministers, executives, senior officials, supervisors and human resource professionals in the BC Public Service are accountable for carrying out specific human resource management functions.

Find out how the accountability framework for human resource management and the core policy objectives and human resources policies support this.

Core policy objectives and human resources policies

Review the core policy objectives and human resources policies.

You can also download the objectives and policies as PDF documents.

Terms and conditions for excluded employees and appointees

Find out more about the terms and conditions if you're an excluded employee or appointee.

You can also view the terms and conditions as PDF documents.

Corporate values of the BC Public Service

The BC Public Service has 6 corporate values that describe the qualities we value in our colleagues and in our organization and provide a common language for describing how we do our jobs.

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