First Citizens Fund

Last updated on January 3, 2024

The First Citizens Fund is a perpetual fund created in 1969. It supports cultural, educational and economic development programs for Indigenous people, communities and businesses in B.C., and it helps fund Indigenous organizations offering services in these areas.

Supported Initiatives

The First Citizens Fund is part of the Province's commitment to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people. It supports

  • Indigenous small business development
  • First Nations language preservation
  • Friendship Centres
  • Elders and students

Programs & Services

All programs, services and initiatives are managed and delivered in partnership with British Columbian Indigenous organizations.


The First Citizens Fund is administered by the Province.


The First Citizens Fund began as a perpetual fund, created in 1969.

There are two components to the fund:

  • Principal - held as capital interest earning
  • Surplus - providing funding to support programs through interest earned on the principal established through Section 4 of the Special Accounts Appropriation and Control Act. Interest earned from fund investments supports programs and services for Indigenous people.

Contact Information

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