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Interim guidance on consultation with First Nations during COVID-19 pandemic

To ensure government is responsive to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on First Nations, the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation has provided guidance to government agencies and proponents on how to approach consultations with First Nations and Indigenous organizations. This is a temporary measure, which will continue to be reassessed as the situation evolves. See Consultation Bulletin at:

Consulting with First Nations

The Province is legally obligated to consult and accommodate First Nations, where required, on land and resource decisions that could impact their Indigenous Interests. While the Province is responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate consultation and accommodation, it may involve the proponent in the procedural aspects of consultation.

Also, proponents are generally encouraged to engage with First Nations as early as possible in the planning stages to build relationships and for information sharing purposes that may support consultation processes.

More information is available in the following guidelines and procedure manuals designed to assist government officials and proponents with meeting consultation obligations with First Nations.  For further assistance, please contact the appropriate decision making agency.

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