Special Media Records (schedule 102905)

Photographs, sound recordings, motion picture films, video recordings, audio-visual materials, pictorial records, paintings, prints, maps, plans, blueprints, architectural drawings, and other sound, film, video, photographic, or cartographic materials.

NOTE: This schedule does NOT cover voice mail records created by voice mail messaging systems. Those records are covered under the government-wide schedule for Voice Mail Records (112914, superseded 2021-06-09).

NOTE: Special media records are scheduled for selective retention by the government archives. They would normally be filed under a specific subject or case file as part of an Operational Records Classification System (ORCS) in order to preserve the original context and purpose of the records.

Special media records may also be classified in the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) block of primary numbers for Information Services:

and in the block of primary numbers for Training and Development 1730 (general), 1735 (course delivery). Selective retention of special media records applies to records in these and all other ARCS primaries and supersedes other final disposition guidelines.

Special media records should be maintained along with documentation of the date, subject, original purpose, and creator of the record.

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil SR

SR = These types of records may have ongoing value as part of the documentary heritage of the government. Before disposing of any special media records, contact your Records Officer.

Approval Date: 1987-12-17 (amended 1996-08-13)