Government House Records (schedule 112911)

Government House records are the administrative and operational records of the Government House. Government House operations consists of Government House administration, events coordination, grounds maintenance, security, etc. Records of the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor are not included.

Included are records in all formats and media and records classified and scheduled under all primaries of the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) or other records schedules.

This special schedule for Government House records takes precedence over retention periods and final dispositions indicated in ARCS or other schedules, unless one of those schedules specifies a longer retention period or full retention for a given records series.

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO 10y SR

SO = when file is closed

10y = All Government House records will be retained for a minimum combined active and semi-active retention period of ten years from the date of file closure.

NOTE: The OPR will store Government House records under ongoing RCS accession number 91-0166. To arrange for off-site storage and retrieval services, contact Records Centre Services at

SR = The government archives will selectively retain Government House records because of their significant constitutional, operational, historical, evidential, informational, or other values. The government archives will fully retain all policy and procedure files for their evidential value.

Unnecessary duplicates, publications, waste and scrap materials, and other items which are not an integral part of the record series will be purged and destroyed.

Approval Date: 1995-07-12