Commission of Inquiry Records (schedule 112907)

Commission of inquiry records are the administrative and operational records of the office of the chair of any commission issued or inquiry held under the Inquiry Act (RSBC 1996, c.224), related regulations, and former and subsequent legislation governing the responsibilities and functions of commissions of inquiry. Includes records in all formats and media.

This special schedule for commission of inquiry records takes precedence over retention periods and final dispositions indicated in the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) and in Operational Records Classification System (ORCS), unless one of those records classification systems specify a longer retention period or full retention for a given record series.

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil SR

SO = when commission of inquiry submits final report and office is closed

NOTE: Contact your Records Officer before disposing of any records from commission of inquiry offices. Off-Site storage and retrieval services may be arranged through Records Center Services at

SR = The government archives will selectively retain commission of inquiry records because of their significant operational, legal, historical, evidential, informational and other values. Draft and duplicate materials which hold no evidential value may be purged and discarded. Unnecessary duplicates, publications, waste and scrap materials, and other items which are not an integral part of the record series will be purged and destroyed.

Approval Date: 1992-06-29