Records of Defunct Programs (schedule 158691)

Defunct program records are the records of an agency, Crown corporation, program or office whose functions and mandates have been discontinued, and whose records have been inherited by a government body covered by the Information Management Act (SBC 2015, c. 27).  

This special schedule applies to the records of defunct programs in cases where there is no existing, approved information schedule to be applied. It does not cover executive records covered by special schedule 102906 (Executive Records), nor Commission of Inquiry records covered by special schedule 112907 (Commission of Inquiry Records).  If the defunct program did not implement the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS), then the application of this schedule to any administrative records will be consistent with the retention periods and final dispositions specified in ARCS

This schedule can be applied only at the direction of the Chief Records Officer by archivists working for the central records service agency, and with confirmation from the custodial government body that the records are not required for any ongoing legal, financial, audit, or accountability purposes.

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil SR

SO = when the program is discontinued and the legal custodian has no ongoing need to retain the records

SR = Records of defunct programs will be selectively retained for the government archives.  Government archivists will select those records that best document the functions, structure, and history of the defunct program, in accordance with government’s archival appraisal policy.  The remaining records will be destroyed.

Approval Date: 2019-03-21