306 - Communications, Audio-visual or Graphics Management

Records relating to the production of audio-visual aids (e.g. films and slide shows) and graphics (e.g., photographs, drawings, logos, and maps), as well as their collection for future use in presentations, displays, publications, and other forms of communication.

Records types include correspondence, films, photographic prints, negatives, slides, images, slide shows, and video and audio storage media.

NOTE: Classify audio-visual aids and graphics relating to a specific function on the appropriate ARCS or ORCS file.

For conferences and events, see primary 220.
For projects, see primary 400.
For publications and final versions of audio visual materials, see primary 312.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
306-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
306-01 General CY+2y nil DE
306-20 Audio-visual and graphics management
(covers motion pictures, slide shows, videotapes, audio-visual production project files, distribution records, display production, photographic prints, photographic negatives, indices, registers, and photographic slides)
SO = upon project completion or cancellation, resolution of issue, or provision of information (whichever is relevant), and when no longer required
DE = Audio-visual aids and graphics may be destroyed upon authorization of the Records Officer because significant material will be retained under secondary 312-05.
SO nil DE

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