Lieutenant-Governor Records (schedule 112912)

Lieutenant-Governor records are the administrative and operational records of the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor. The responsibilities and duties of the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, as described in Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867, were established under the authority of the Imperial Order-in-Council (16 May 1871) which sets out the Terms of Union, 1871, between British Columbia and the Dominion of Canada. The functions of the Secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor are included.

Included are records in all formats and media and records classified and scheduled under the primaries of the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) or other records schedules.

This special schedule for Lieutenant-Governor records takes precedence over retention periods and final dispositions indicated in ARCS or other schedules, unless one of those schedules specifies a longer retention period or full retention for a given records series.

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil SR

SO = upon the expiry of the Lieutenant-Governor's term

NOTE: The OPR will transfer Lieutenant-Governor records to archival custody under ongoing RCS accession number 91-0165. To arrange for transfer of records to archival custody, contact Records Centre Services at

SR = The government archives will selectively retain Lieutenant-Governor records because of their significant constitutional, operational, historical, evidential, legal, informational, or other values.

The government archives will fully retain records which pertain to constitutional and legal precedence.

Lieutenant-Governor records may contain a large volume of transitory and ephemeral material. For instance, the Lieutenant-Governor may receive large volumes of form letters relating to a single issue. In most instances, a sample will be retained and the rest will be discarded.

Approval Date:  1995-07-12