Cyber Security Alerts & Notifications

Cyber security alerts and notifications provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and threats. If you are a B.C. Public Service employee and believe your system may be compromised or at risk, please contact the 7-7000 Service Desk via email or phone 1-866-660-0811, option 3.

Reminder: Spoofing Emails

Many modern phishing attempts use the names and emails of  your contacts and business partners to try and fool you. Use these tips to avoid falling for these scams.

  • Carefully inspect all emails, even if it appears to be coming from someone you know.
  • Be vigilant and safe whenever you see links or attachments in your emails.
  • If you suspect that spam emails are being spoofed to look like they are from someone you know, contact that person through a different channel (phone, in-person, lync) and let them know.
  • If you suspect that someone is spoofing emails to look like they are from you, check in with your contacts and see if they have received anything suspicious. 
  • If you are a government employee and your account has received an email with suspected malicious links or attachments, report it to

Phishing Emails

The emails (subject line) listed below have been deemed as malicious and should be deleted immediately. If you have received a suspicious email that is not listed below, please report the email by sending it as an attachment.

Jul 13, 2020:  New Shared File Fscxxxxxx From Your Contact (where x=six random numbers)


Jun 26, 2020: 🎵 6/22/2020 3:48:07 PM (Random date and time.  Email message includes malicious ‘Read Your Voicemail’ link)

Jun 22, 2020: 2020-0140.....RE: Documents from Rentokil [K/0034O222/0001]

Jun 17, 2020: 78days_Overdue_INV-44637819 (Note: INV number may be different)

Jun 17, 2020:  RE: Benefit (suspicious link contains a credential harvester)

Jun 12, 2020:  'Alert VM Message TO’

Jun 10, 2020: 🚩 Can you use all 20GB? 🎧   It's only $68 per month

Jun 3, 2020:  Password Expiration Report : Wednesday, June 3, 2020’

Jun 2, 2020: Alert VM Message TO

May 28, 2020: Notification

May 26, 2020: Password Service Alert for

May 26, 2020: New unread message

May 21, 2020: ‘Audio To Cannabis On 21 May, 2020 ##REF:QZARSG_14035-6308’

May 19, 2020:  ERR01 Delivery Request

May 14, 2020:  Password due for <email address>

May 13, 2020:  Ever-Cold Storage

May 12, 2020:  Re: Mail Case 404SD

May 12, 2020:  🕪Gov_NewAudioMessage.htm

May 11, 2020:  Sheila Morrison Shared file with you Renewal Policies

May 11, 2020: Cypress Proposal (this is a credential harvester, do not open)

May 8, 2020: Audio: :Message Received on 7 May, 2020 

May 6, 2020: <Name> Audio Ref: 9872 on 5/5/2020

May 5, 2020: Task (Use extreme caution when opening an email with this subject line, it is usually a spear phishing attempt - ensure you verify the sender's email address)  


Security Alerts

June 26, 2020: NETGEAR Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: Apache Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: IBM Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: Palo Alto Networks Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: NVIDIA Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: [Control Systems] ENTTEC Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: [Control Systems] Philips Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: [Control Systems] Rockwell Automation Security Advisory

June 26, 2020: [Control Systems] Rockwell Automation Security Advisory[