Foster families in B.C. give needed care, safety and stability to children and teens who are unable to live with their own families.

Thinking About Fostering?

Do you share a desire to help young people reach their full potential?

Currently in B.C. there are 1000’s of kids who need temporary foster families when they can’t live at home.  Many of these children and teens have experienced trauma and difficult times. 

For Current Foster Caregivers

Even though foster families receive ongoing support from a care team, there are additional programs that can be of assistance.

If you've been approved to be a foster caregiver in B.C. we encourage you to take a moment and review the following information on monthly maintenance payment, education, and insurance.

If You're a Child or Teen In Care

You may be dealing with a lot of different feelings because you need to live with another family for a while. Please know that every effort is being made to:

  • Keep you safe
  • Help you stay connected with your family
  • Help you return to your family home or another permanent home as soon as possible

Temporary & Permanent Care Options

When a child or teen is unable to live with their parents, it's best if they can live with someone they know like:

  • A family member – a grandparent, aunt or uncle or an older sibling
  • Someone who has an established relationship or cultural connection to the child and their family