Funding Information

Carbon Neutral Capital Program
The Carbon Neutral Capital Program helps fund capital investments in public sector facilities to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. 

2016 BC Funding Guide
The Community Energy Association’s guide to funding for B.C. local governments.

Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program
Information on new funding, training opportunities and educational programs for municipalities.

Municipal Asset Management Program
This program offers training and funding, and enables knowledge sharing to help communities across Canada make informed infrastructure investment decisions based on sound asset management practices.

Emission Reduction Initiatives in the Public Sector

Green Procurement
Green purchasing guidelines to help reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions.

Low Carbon Building Materials
Learn about the use of low carbon building materials in public sector buildings and the opportunity to earn LEED v4 credits.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Corporate Supply Arrangement
Information on a corporate supply arrangement that allows the provincial public sector, First Nations, and local governments to purchase vehicle charging stations directly from suppliers, often with favourable pricing. 

Alternatives to Business Travel
Information on how videoconferencing and other workstation tools can significantly cut travel and overtime costs, transit time and emissions.

NRCan Dollars to Sense Energy Management Workshops
Information on how improved energy management and good up-front planning and design of new buildings can reduce infrastructure-related greenhouse gases–which make up three-quarters of the public sector’s overall emissions.


SMARTTool Training & Support
Training videos and other information on using SMARTTool, available to those with a BCeID and access permission. Contact for assistance.


Offsetting is a key component of B.C.’s carbon neutral government program.

Current infrastructure and technology make it impossible to completely eliminate GHGs. But by investing in B.C.-based offset projects, public sector organizations can reduce their GHGs to net-zero, driving an overall reduction in provincial emissions. 

At the same time, revenues generated by offset projects support B.C.’s transition to a low-carbon economy, encouraging the development of innovative clean technology, renewable energy and green jobs.

Find out more about B.C.’s offset portfolio.

Annual Public Sector Climate Leadership Symposium

A wide range of information and real-world experience in reducing emissions and adapting to climate change.

Keynote Address: The Honourable Mary Polak, Minister of Environment

Keynote Address: Lessons in Hospital Resilience

Review of North American health care resilience initiatives and programs.

Setting the Stage: Public Sector Climate Action in BC and National Context  

Overview of national and provincial commitments to climate action and the role of BC’s public sector.

A Mandate for Planning  

Planning and managing for energy and environmental performance – using best practices for emission reduction planning.

Key Factors in Achieving Emission Reductions

Insights from PSOs that have significantly reduced operational emissions.

Resilient Low-Carbon Facilities

Strategies and tactics to lower the carbon intensity and improve the resilience of public sector facilities.

BC’s Energy Step Code

Learn about the new Energy Step Code and BC’s transition to net-zero energy buildings.

BC’s Fleet Champions Program

Supporting fleet managers in BC in their efforts towards electric vehicle uptake.

Now Wow! How?

Group activity to think strategically about climate change impacts and opportunities.

Climate Change Adaptation Panel

Hear insights about adaptation planning and risk assessment from Fraser Health, City of Vancouver, and ICLEI Canada.

Historical Analytics

Trends and observations from an analysis of SMARTTool data.

SMARTTool Update 

An update on the status of and plans for the SMARTTool refresh as well as an overview of new functionality.

Your Carbon Neutral Government Offsets Portfolio

A brief portfolio overview followed by a presentation detailing how an industrial fuel switching offset project is planned, implemented and quantified.


Carbon Neutral Government Webinars & Presentations

Valuable tips and information on becoming carbon neutral, developing Carbon Neutral Action Reports (CNARs) and taking part in the carbon neutral government program.