Resources and tools for climate preparedness

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Climate Impacts on Health fact sheets

A series of fact sheets examining climate impacts and adaptation opportunities in the health sector.

Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment

The 2019 Risk assessment increases understanding of climate-related risks in B.C. and helps government develop appropriate measures to address those risks.

GBA+, intersectionality and climate change impacts in B.C.

Examining how considerations of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, age, and mental or physical ability (among other identity factors) intersect to influence how different populations in B.C. are affected by climate change.

Tools and data

  • ReTooling for Climate Change
    Adaptation tools and resources for B.C. local governments, First Nations and the natural resource sectors to prepare for the impacts of climate change
  • Plan2Adapt
    Tool for generating maps, plots, and data describing projected future climate conditions for regions throughout British Columbia
  • PCIC data portal
    Provides access to B.C. station data, high-resolution climatology and downscaled climate scenarios data collected by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
  • BC Climate Action Toolkit
    Toolkit to inspire action in B.C.'s diverse local governments to advance emission reductions and adaptation planning
  • Environmental Reporting BC - Climate Change Indicators 
    Information on indicators including changes in river flow, sea level, temperature, precipitation and more.

Climate research and service organizations

  • Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)
    A regional climate service provider that conducts quantitative studies on the impacts of climate change and climate variability in the Pacific and Yukon region. Results from this work provide regional interest holders with the information needed to develop plans for reducing the risks associated with climate change.
  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
    Supporting solutions-oriented research to assist British Columbia  with meeting the climate change challenge. Current initiatives include five major projects dealing with transportation, energy efficiency, forest carbon management, natural gas, and low carbon pathways.
  • Adaptation Learning Network
    Led by the ResiliencebyDesign Lab at Royal Roads University, the network is helping professionals in British Columbia who work at the front line of climate adaptation integrate adaptation competencies into their professional practice, through education, training and networking.
  • The Fraser Basin Council
    Managing the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC) —21 collaborative projects across the province supporting decision-making on water allocation and use, forest and watershed management, flood protection and floodplain management and community planning.

Videos and video series

  • BC Adapts Video Series
    Video series illustrating actions B.C. communities are taking to adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • Climate Insights: bite size - YouTube
    Series of 13 short videos that introduce the causes of climate change, how society can adapt, and the options for reducing emissions

    Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change - Trevor Murdock

    Preparing our Roads and Bridges for the Impacts of Climate Change

    The connections between climate change and mental health


Preparing together: Pamphlets for building climate resilience