BC Bid ministry buyer guide

Welcome to the Ministry Buyer Guide.

Buyers use BC Bid to set up opportunities, communicate with team members and suppliers, and post and award results.

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  • Throughout this and other BC Bid Guides short video clips are available to demonstrate key functions.
  • To request an account profile linked to special Opportunity Type (such as Invitation to Tender) contact the BC Bid Help Desk.


General interface - Learn some of the basic BC Bid interface functionality, including browser recommendations, menu navigation and closing selection dialogues.

Portal, registration and login -  Wondering where to start? New to government? Changed ministries? Learn more here.

Buyer dashboard - Buyer dashboard layout, suppliers, opportunities, qualified supplier lists, contract awards, unverified bid results, personalizing the buyer dashboard

Explore sourcing projects - Explore the main sourcing projects / opportunities page

Step 1 - General information form, MULRFQ general information form, set up project, copy sourcing, set up team, discussion forum, set up documents, add suppliers

Step 2 - Setup, Setup (MULRFQ only), Additional RFx info, documents, Suppliers, Approvals

Step 3 - Issue Opportunity

Step 4 - Inviting Suppliers, issue an Addendum, change closing date, issue an Amendment, post Amendment, Interested Supplier List

Step 5 - close the Opportunity, submissions on behalf of suppliers, unseal submissions, view and download submissions 

Step 6 - Recording decisions - awarding submissions

Step 7 - Send notifications, contract award summary, contract award notice, printing records

Step 8 - Multiuse Request for Qualifications (MURFQ) downstream process, Single use Request for Qualifications (SURFQ) downstream process

Step 9 - Download and print records, close the opportunity, close the sourcing project

Programs - Browse programs, create a program, program documents, program messaging, program team members

Special Considerations - Contract Award Notice

Invitation to Quote (ITQ) is managed by Procurement Services Branch (PSB). Ministry buyers will be added to the team by the PSB buyer. Refer to the Invitation to Quote Ministry Buyer guide for details.