BC Bid public portal guide

Welcome to the Public Portal Guide.

This guide provides information to the public on how to explore the BC Bid application Public Portal and key pages.


BC Bid is an online marketplace where public sector organizations (including municipalities, school districts, health authorities, Crown corporations and the B.C. government) advertise opportunities for a wide range of goods and services contracts.

The BC Bid application is a key tool, supporting B.C.’s Procurement Strategy transformation goals. This application provides a modern platform for government sourcing projects, increases transparency, and makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to do business with the public sector entities.

The application is easy to navigate and allows users to complete many tasks online:

  • Buyers can set up opportunities, communicate with team members and suppliers, and post and award contracts.
  • Suppliers can subscribe to or renew e-Bidding accounts and opportunity subscriptions, view and respond to opportunities (some via e-Bids) and manage a dashboard of their opportunities and communicate with buyers.

This guide provides information to the public on how to explore the BC Bid application Public Portal and key pages.

How to Use this Guide

Hyperlinks throughout this guide take you to the appropriate sections, as well as to short video clips demonstrating key functions.

Benefits of Supplier registration

By registering as a supplier and accessing BC Bid’s Supplier Portal, suppliers will be able to:

  • Create a short list of opportunities
  • Manage submissions
  • Update company information
  • Have multiple users within the business collaborate on a submission
  • Draft a submission in BC Bid (regardless of submission method)
  • Receive notifications on amendments and addenda on opportunities of interest
  • Submit response via e-Bidding (subscription required)



Navigating the Public Portal

Public Portal dashboard - Explore the Public Portal main page.


Explore Opportunities

Explore Opportunities - Learn how to use the Opportunities table.


Explore Contract Awards

Explore Contract Awards - Learn how to explore the Contract Awards table.


Explore Unverified Bid Results

Explore Unverified Bid Results - Learn how to explore the Unverified Bids table.


Opportunity Information

Opportunity Information - Learn how to select and explore the components of a single opportunity.

Ask Questions - Learn how to contact the official contact for an opportunity.