BC Bid Portal, login, and registration for Ministry Buyers

Last updated on November 22, 2023

Your BC Bid journey starts with the Public Portal.

New ministry staff will need to register in BC Bid. Follow the instructions for registration below.


BC Bid Portal

Buyers should log in from the Public Portal at https://www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca

BC Bid Public Portal

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  1. Click the BC Bid icon at any time to return to this main page.
  2. The main menu has direct links to Opportunities, Contract Awards, Unverified Bid Results and Login.
  3. The Welcome box display a welcome message and quick links.
  4. Suppliers see the benefits of registration and can follow links to prepare for registration, to register,  login and access their Supplier Guide for navigation support.
  5. Buyers can link to register login and access their navigation guides.
  6. News and upcoming events will be posted here.
  7. Help Desk contact information including a link to the ticket system.
  8. Adjust Contrast – Click here to activate a higher contrast dark mode

You can find more information about the Public Portal in the Public Portal Guide.


Navigating the Public Portal



All B.C. government employees will have their IDIRs loaded into BC Bid at go-live. Try logging in with the instructions below. If your IDIR or Basic BCeID is not authenticated, see Registration below.

BC Bid Public Portal

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1. Navigate to BC Bid and click on a login link to see the Login Screen.

2. Enter your IDIR Username and Password.

3. Click Continue.

Note: You will be directed to the Buyer Dashboard.

Note: If you are a Ministry contractor with a BCeID, click Log in with BCeID.



There are a few situations where you may not be successful logging in:

  • You may have moved position in the B.C. government;
  • Your name has changed; or
  • You are a contractor with a new IDIR or BCeID.

In these cases, you should first confirm that you have a functioning IDIR. Then you will need to fill out and submit the Buyer Registration Form. The BC Bid Help Desk will review your submission. After you submit the Buyer Registration form, it may take a few days before your registration is processed and you are able to login with your IDIR to BC Bid.

Note: If you have registered for BC Bid, and have certain permissions (eg: purchasing permissions), and then you switch organizations, ministries or roles, you will need to contact the BC Bid help desk to arrange permissions for the new role if they are needed.

BC Bid Public Portal

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