Project No. 12268-2023 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Lions Gate North Approach Viaduct No. 01481V Deck Remediation and Wear Surface Replacement Highway #99

Submission for Tenders Expires: May 3, 2023

Project Number: 12268-2023

Contract ID: 12268MJ2023

Location: Lions Gate Bridge, North Approach Viaduct, District of West Vancouver.  LKI segment 2925, km 1.86 to km 2.53.

Description: The general nature of the Work to be carried out under the Contract consists of the removal of wear surface and existing link plates and installation of new splice plates and wearing surface locally at 20 fixed deck joints. The work includes traffic management, unbolting existing plates, cleaning, cutting and grinding steel deck plates, welding, environmental protection, quality management, noise mitigation and community liaison with Squamish Nation.



Document Description


Asphalt Asbestos and Lead Paint Testing Report, Lions Gate North Approach Viaduct, AMEC, December 15, 2014


Lions Gate Bridge Remedial Deck Work – Predicted Construction Noise Levels


Lions Gate Bridge North Approach Viaduct Joint Renewal Project Drawings (2014)

4 Lions Gate Bridge North Viaduct 2021 – Orthotropic Steel Plate Deck Inspection Report
5 Lions Gate Bridge North Viaduct Modifications Drawings (1975)