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Project No. 08700-0001
Pattullo Bridge Replacement, Test Pile Installation Project

Project No. 08900-0001
Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project - Deltaport Way at 27B Avenue On-Ramp Improvements

Project No. 08900-0002
Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project - 27B Avenue Improvements Project

Project No. 12452-0003
Lougheed Highway No. 7  Corridor Improvements, Allen Way to Harris Road

Project No. 12462-0001
Phibbs Transit Exchange

Project No. 12478-0003
Nordel Inspection Building

Project No. 12582-0001
Highway 13 Widening 0 Avenue To 8th Avenue

Project No. 12626-0001
Highway 1 Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvements Advance Works

Project No. 12626-0002
Highway No. 1 at Keith Road / Mount Seymour Parkway Interchange and Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvements

Project No. 12695-0001
Mt Lehman Rd 4 Laning

Project No. 12723-0002
Highway 91 - Alex Fraser Bridge Capacity Improvement Project, Phase 2 - Seven Lane Bridge Counter-Flow and Cliveden Avenue Interchange Improvements

Project No. 12723-0003
Fraser River Advanced Traveller Information System

Project No. 12736-0001
Highway 7 and Highway 11 Intersection Improvements - Eastbound Left Turn Lane

Project No. 12743-0001
Fraser Valley Variable Speed Limit System

Project No. 12746-2018
Asphalt Resurfacing: University Boulevard (3.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 12772-2018
Highway 7 & 9 Shoulder Enhancements and Asphalt Resurfacing

Project No.12806-0001
City of New Westminster - Stewardson Way Pedestrian Overpass No. 10184

Project No. 12807-2018
H 101 Reconstruction

Project No. 12837-2018
Soil Remediation and Temporary Road Construction - Beach Road, Surrey

Project No. 16407-2018
Roche Cove Bridge Replacement - Structure No. 00771

Project No. 16448-0001
Henson Culvert Replacement

Project No. 16514-0001
Campbell River Bridge No. 00738 Condition and Seismic Renewal

Project No. 16660-2018
Koksilah River Bridge No. 00632 – Seismic Retrofit

Project No. 16709-2018
Roberton Blvd Paving (0.35 lane km)

Project No. 16715-0001
Cowichan River Bridge No. 01289W - Truss Bridge Steel Recoating

Project No. 16734-2018
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Highways: H19A Brechin Rd to Mary Ellen Dr (17.7 Lane Km)

Project No. 16741-2018
Highway 14 - Sooke River Road - Intersection Improvements

Project No. 16751-0001
Highway 14 - Jacklin Road Eastbound Bus Queue Jumper Lane

Project No. 16752-2018
Highway 19 - Campbell Way Intersection

Project No. 16772-2018
Quadra Island Side Road Resurfacing (32.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 22440-0002
Highway 97C Improvements - Highway Creek

Project No. 23732-0002
Trans-Canada Highway 1 - Salmon Arm West - 1st Avenue SW to 30th Street SW - Preload Grading

Project No. 23750-0000
Oster Bridge No. 6324 Replacement and Approaches

Project No. 23804-0000
Hedley No. 1 Bridge No. 00763 And Roadways

Project No. 23819-0019
Transverse Pavement Marking - Thompson Nicola District

Project No. 23916-0001
Princeton Intersection Improvements, Highway No. 5A and Bridge Street, Grading and Paving

Project No. 23917-0001
Duncan River Bridge No. 07451 Girder Replacement and Woolgar Bridge No. 06237 Rehabilitation

Project No. 23968-0000
Heart Creek No. 2 Bridge No. 07240 and Approaches Applegrove Road

Project No. 24060-0001
H20 Louie Creek Bridge No. 07491 Replacement  - Cancelled

Project No. 24187-0000
Highway 3 Castlegar Brake Check

Project No. 24209-0001
Cherry Creek Flood Recovery - Greenstone and Rodeo Structure Replacement and Roadworks

Project No. 24236-0000
Mt. Lehman Road 4 Laning - North of Simpson Road to Airport (YXX)

Project No. 24505-0000
Highway No. 20 - Atnarko Slough to Jourdenais Road Seal Coat (100 Lane Km)

Project No. 24509-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Hwy No. 3 and Hwy No. 3A - Ootischenia to Playmor Junction (43.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 24512-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Highway 97 Gordon Drive to Old Vernon Road (52.13 Lane Km) and Old Vernon Road (11.22 Lane Km)

Project No. 24519-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2018/19, H37 Good Hope Lake to Yukon Border, (106.4 Lane km)

Project No. 24526-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Merritt Area - Hwy 5, Nicola Overhead to Clapperton Brake Check and Coldwater Road (47.7 Lane Km)

Project No. 24541-0002
Highway 97 - Quesnel Front Street Safety Improvements

Project No.24542-2018
2018 Scour Remediation Program - Cancelled

Project No. 24567-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Williams Lake Area Side Roads (56.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 24777-0000
Back Valley Road, Flood Repairs

Project No. 23880-0002
Highway 99 - Ten Mile Slide Advanced Anchor Work

Project No. 35455-0000
Rolla Road 3 (Snakepit) Realignment and Structure Replacement

Project No. 35480-0000
Highway 97 Tippy Corner Bridge No. 10132

Project No. 35481-0000
Highway No. 97 - Bowlder Creek Bridge No. 10133

Project No. 35508-0001
Waper Bridge No. 07146 Replacement

Project No. 35563-0002
Highway 97 - Willow Flats Bridge No. 10135

Project No. 35575-0002
Highway 97 Stone Creek Bridge No. 10134

Project No. 37448-0000
H5 Swift Creek Bridge #02277 & Gosnell Bridge #02294 Deck Resurfacing

Project No. 37469-0000
Highway No. 16 - Yellowhead Highway, Kasiks River Bridge No. 01116 Expansion Bearing Replacement

Project No. 37473-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2018/19, H37 Kitimat to Terrace – Kitimat Airport (77.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 37506-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2018/19, Farrell Creek Road (30.64 Lane Km)

Project No. 83106-1801
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia 

Project No. 83106-1901
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia

Project No. 85103-0001
Carlson Creek Habitat Repairs and Enhancements

Project No. 86002-0241
Rock Slope Stabilization, Jackass Mountain Bluff Zones 14 to 15

Project No. 86002-0242
Rock Slope Stabilization, Similkameen Falls Bluff, Hwy 3

Project No. 86002-0244
Three Valley Gap Bluff, Zones 9 to 11 Pilot Rockfall Attenuator System

Project No. 86002-4497
Rock Slope Stabilization Elko Tunnel West Bluff, Highway 3

Project No. 86002-4498
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4502
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4508
Rock Slope Stabilization, Highway 7 Off Ramp from Highway 1 (Hope Area)

Project No. 86002-4534
Rock Slope Stabilization, Antlers Hill Mesh, Highway 97