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Project No. 12452-0004
Roslyn Creek Off-Channel Habitat Improvement Project

Project No. 12846-0001
North Surrey Truck Parking - Phase 1 - Highway 17 - South Fraser Perimeter Road – Surrey

Project No. 12876-0001
07987 McMillan Dock Removal, Glover Road

Project No. 13015-2020
Ironworkers Memorial Bridge No. 01459 Coating and Structural Steel Maintenance

Project No. 16621-0001
Deering Bridge No. 03196 Substructure Renewal

Project No. 16803-0001 
Highway 14 – West Coast Road Sooke Town Centre Pedestrian Enhancements

Project No. 16807-2020
Highway 14 - Sooke Woodhaven Road to Otter Point Road

Project No. 16925-2020
2020/21 Road Resurfacing Side Roads - South Island Cobble Hill - Telegraph Roads (11.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 23732-0003
Trans-Canada Highway No. 1 - Salmon Arm West - 1st Ave. SW to 10th Ave. SW - Four Laning

Project No. 23801-0001
Highway No. 1 - Chase Creek Road to Chase Wes

Project No. 24239-0001
Mill Creek Road Washout #10215 Clapperton Creek No. 2 Bridge

Project No. 24450-0000
Trinity Creek Culvert No. 08530 Headwall

Project No. 24753-0001
Stump Lake Creek Culvert No. 10274

Project No. 24983-0000

Project No. 25042-0000
Highway 95 Corridor Safety Improvements

Project No. 25105-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 3 Osoyoos to Chapman Road (34.4 Lane Km)

Project No. 25144-0000
Portia Bridge No. 2835 Resurfacing and Deck Joint Replacement

Project No. 25207-0000
H97 Campbell Rd to 100 Mile House and Begg Rd to Enterprise Rd Intermittent Resurfacing

Project No. 25238-0000
Joe Rich Area Sideroads Resurfacing (47.2 Lane Kms)

Project No. 37237-0000
Good Bridge No. 7205 Replacement - Cecil Lake Road (103 Rd)

Project No. 37249-0004
Cache Creek East Embankment

Project No. 37249-0006
Highway No. 29 - Bear Flat - Cache Creek

Project No. 37387-0000
Alaska Highway No. 97 and Swanson Lumber Road Signalization

Project No. 37501-0000
Highway No. 29 - Farrell Creek

Project No. 37504-0002
Highway No. 29 - Lynx Creek

Project No. 37643-0000
25mm High Fines Surfacing Aggregate in Stockpile at Peace View Pit #2765, Bond Siding Pit #1565 and Sundance Pit #1615

Project No. 37730-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2020/21 H2 Alberta Border to Bissette Creek Bridge (88.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 37733-0000
Pouce Coupe River Bridge No. 2472 Emergency Rehabilitation

Project No. 37743-0000
Highway 16 - Sinkut River Culverts Rehabilitation (Structure No. 8536)

Project No. 37748-0000
25 mm HFSA in Stockpile at Peace View Pit #2765

Project No. 37775-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2020/21 H16 Engen to Vanderhoof (21.7 Lane Km)

Project No. 37821-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2020/21 - North Peace Side Roads (46.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 83106-2101
Hydrographic Surveys At Selected Structures In British Columbia

Project No. 86002-0246
Rock Slope Stabilization, Fishtrap Bluff Zones 4 to 6 Attenuator

Project No. 86002-0248
Elko Area Zones 7 to 8, Hwy 3

Project No. 86002-4524
Slide 5 Berm Repair and Extension, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4540
Rock Slope Stabilization, Odlum Bluffs, Zone 6 Mesh

Project No. 86002-4545
Rock Slope Stabilization,Hwy 23