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Project No. 08900-0004
Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project Tilbury Connector – Right Turn Acceleration Lane

Project No. 12268-2022
Highway 99 Lions Gate Bridge North Approach Viaduct Remedial Deck Work

Project No. 12274-0001
Pacific Highway No. 15 Roger Pierlet Overhead No. 02459 E

Project No. 12846-0002
Highway No. 17 – South Fraser Perimeter Road North Surrey Truck Parking – Phase 2

Project No. 12863-0001
Highway 99 - 32 Avenue Interchange Improvements

Project No. 12902-0001
Highway No. 99 Nicomekl River Bridge No. 02159 W

Project No. 13023-2021
Highway 101 - Joe Road Intersection Improvements

Project No. 13034-0001
Highway 1 – Lighting System Replacement For Saddle Rock and Sailor Bar Tunnels

Project No. 13038-2022
Phibbs Transit Exchange Improvements

Project No. 13087-2022
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Highways Lower Mainland Surrey Area: H15 - 16th Ave to H10 (29.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 13080-0001
Red Lillooet River Bridge No. 00443 Deck Renewal Cayoosh Creek Bridge 1 No. 08028 Parapet Replacement

Project No. 13089-2022
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Fraser Valley:  Manning Park Area Hwy 3 Hope Slide to Crowley Pit and Side Roads (156.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 13092-2022

Project No. 16736-2021
Asphalt Road Resurfacing - Side Roads - North Island - Gainsberg Road

Project No. 16850-0002
Elk River Bridge No. 7320 - Highway 28

Project No. 16881-0000
Highway 17 and Mt. Newton Cross Road Transit Queue Jumper Lanes

Project No. 16997-2022
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Highways: Duncan Area: Hwy 1 and Hwy 18 - 23 Lane Kms

Project No. 16999-2022
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Highways:  H19A Nanaimo Area Phase 2:  Turner Rd to Mary Ellen Dr (10.19 Lane Km)

Project No. 17001-2022
Hot-In-Place Resurfacing Highways:  Central Island Nanaimo Area: H19 Cedar Road to Superior Road (50 Lane Km)

Project No. 17011-2022
Graded Aggregate Seal Head Bay Rd, Tahsis

Project No. 18001-0000
Highway 1 – Malahat Tunnel Hill Washout

Project No. 23371-0001
Highway No. 1 - Three Valley No. 00357 - Deck Widening and Rehabilitation

Project No. 23853-0000
Old Jackson Ranch Bridge No. 121 Replacement

Project No. 23951-0000
Highway No. 3 150m E of Westridge Drive Slope Remediation Phase 1

Project No. 24149-0000
Summit Creek Bridge No. 1484 Rehabilitation - Highway No. 3

Project No. 25145-0000
H3 Elko Overhead No. 1305 Replacement and Approaches

Project No. 25184-0002
Ireland, Kempton and Trinity 2022 Scour Remediation

Project No. 25185-0000
Highway No. 31 Goldhill Bridge No. 6428 and Approaches

Project No. 25209-0001
Highway 95 Fraling Creek Bridge No. 10337

Project No. 25259-0000
Pedley Creek Bridge No.10400 Lake Creek Road

Project No. 25297-0000
Quast Bridge No. 8169 South Abutment Replacement Quast Road

Project No. 25698-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Hwy 5A/97C Hamilton Hill Brake Check to Coldwater I/C, Monck Park Road and Hwy 5 Rut Mitigation (78.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 25705-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Highway 33 Big White Road to Molnar Road and Local Side Roads (100.31 Lane Km).

Project No. 25707-0000
Highway 20 Towdystan to Pyper Lake Seal Coat (211 Lane Km)

Project No. 25711-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Hwy 6 and Hwy 31 Nakusp and Area (72.1 Lane Km)

Project No. 25712-0000
Likely Road Hot-In-Place Recycling (132.9 Lane Kms)

Project No. 25714-0000
Hwy 20 Pyper Lake To Redstone Resurfacing (67 Lane Kms)

Project No. 25716-0000
Asphalt Resurfacing Highway 3 Wardner to Caithness and Side Roads Jaffray-Baynes Lake Area (72.5 Lane Km)

Project No. 25732-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Hwy 97B, Hwy 1 - Jct Hwy 97B to Canoe and Local Side Roads (120.94 Km)

Project No. 25860-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Hwy 97C Drought Hill I/C to Silver Creek Chain-Up and Hwy 97 Greata Ranch to Deep Creek Bridge (79.60 Lane Km)

Project No. 25861-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Ootischenia Side Roads (35.3 Lane Km)

Project No. 25866-0000
Hot-In-Place Recycling Highway 97 Summerland to Greata Ranch (43.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 25891-2022
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat, Highway 24 - Lone Butte to Bridge Lake North Road (79.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 37227-0000
Highway No. 16 - Toboggan Lake Passing Lane

Project No. 37248-0001
Old Skeena Bridge No. 00473 Rehabilitation

Project No. 37264-0000
Highway No. 16 - Tamen Creek Culvert Replacement No. 08601

Project No. 37607-0000
Highway 16 - Terrace Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station

Project No. 37626-0001
Highway 37 Snowbank Creek Crossing

Project No. 37907-0000
Kasiks River Bridge No. 01116 and Legate Creek Bridge No. 00370 Rehabilitation

Project No. 37921-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2022/23 H97 Swanson Lumber Rd to 271 Rd and Local Side Rds (63.1 Lane Km)

Project No. 38014-0000
Highway No. 37 02154 Bell Irving River Bridge No. 1 Rehabilitation

Project No. 38020-0000
Nechako River Bridge at Fort Fraser No. 00269 Rehabilitation

Project No. 38053-0000
Hot-In-Place Recycling 2022/23 H52 and H29 (110.7 Lane Kms)

Project No. 38065-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2022/23 Hazelton Area (51.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 38067-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2022/23 – Cluculz Side Roads (79.2 Lane Km)

Project No. 38068-0000
Graded Aggregate Sealcoat 2022/2023 Highway 37 Eddontenajon to Stikine Bridge and Lower Post (90.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 38069-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2022/23 H97 Prince George Arterial and Fort George Side Roads (44.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 38081-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2022/23 H97 East Pine to Road 247 (105.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 38085-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2022/23 Skeena Area

Project No. 83106-2301
Hydrographic Surveys at Selected Structures Throughout British Columbia

Project No. 86002-0253

Project No. 86002-4543
Rock Slope Stabilization, Grindrod Bluff, Highway 97A

Project No. 86002-4562
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Highway 1