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Project No. 08900-0005
Highway 91/17 And Deltaport Way Upgrade Project - Delta Nature Reserve Boardwalk

Project No. 08900-0006
Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project - Deltaport Way to 27B Avenue Paving

Project No. 09504-0001
Kootenay Lake - West Arm 2019 Dredging

Project No. 11988-0000
H99 CNR Overhead 01598 N/S - Condition and Seismic Renewal

Project No. 12277-2019
Alexandra Bridge No. 06557 - Steel and Concrete Rehabilitation

Project No. 12774-0002
Lower Mainland District Multi-Year Joint Renewal Program

Project No. 12883-0001
Golden Ears Connector Intersection Improvements

Project No. 12917-2019
Asphalt Resurfacing – Hwy 101 – King Avenue to Sliammon Road (8.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 16653-2019
Highway 1 Widening - Leigh Road to West Shore Parkway

Project No. 16714-2019
Vancouver Island District Multi-Year Joint Renewal Program

Project No. 16744-0001
Highway No. 19 - Roberts Lake Area - Southbound Passing Lane

Project No. 16750-0001
Advanced Clearing On Otter Point Road

Project No. 16787-0001
Highway No. 1 - Southbound Bus Lane - Burnside Bridge to Tolmie Avenue

Project No. 16823-2019
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Highways:  H19A Nanaimo Area – Turner Road to Jingle Pot Road (7.84 Lane Km)

Project No. 23606-0001
Highway No. 99 - Lillooet Station Bridge No. 230 Replacement

Project No. 23617-0003
Hwy 97 Stickle Road Intersection Improvements – Phase 3 – 20th Street Connection

Project No. 23880-0003
Highway 99 - Ten Mile Slide Stabilization

Project No. 23916-0001
Princeton Intersection Improvements, Highway No. 5A and Bridge Street, Grading and Paving

Project No. 23976-0001
Birk Creek Bridge No. 7532 Culvert Replacement

Project No. 24121-1519
Crushed Aggregate in Stockpile Tranquille Pit No. 0292

Project No. 24542-0000
West Kootenay Scour Protection

Project No. 24602-0001
Pritchard Bridge No. 297 Rehabilitation

Project No. 24806-0000
Highway No. 5 Great Bear Snow Shed No. 2850 Northbound Concrete Overlay Replacement

Project No. 24922-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Highway 95, Highway 93/93, Highway 93 and Local Area
Side Roads Radium Hot Springs Area (109.1 Lane Km)

Project No. 24939-0000
Kootenay River Bridge No. 1483 – Zone Painting and Deck Joint / Bearing Renewal

Project No. 35564-0000
Fur Thief Creek Bridge No. 10136, John Hart Highway (Highway No. 97)

Project No. 37189-0001
Highway 16 Savory Rest Area

Project No. 37209-0000
H29 Bullmoose Creek Lower Bridge #2780 and Bullmoose Creek Bridge #2787 Deck Resurfacing

Project No. 37332-0000
Highway 16 and Highway 37 Intersection

Project No. 37366-0000
Highway No. 29 - Halfway River

Project No. 83106-1801
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia 

Project No. 83106-1901
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia

Project No. 83106-2001
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia

Project No. 83106-2002
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia

Project No. 86002-4497
Rock Slope Stabilization Elko Tunnel West Bluff, Highway 3

Project No. 86002-4498
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4502
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4508
Rock Slope Stabilization, Highway 7 Off Ramp from Highway 1 (Hope Area)

Project No. 86002-4524
Slide 5 Berm Repair and Extension, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4532
Coffee Creek Zone 2 Catch Fence Repair, Hwy 31

Project No. 86002-4534
Rock Slope Stabilization, Antlers Hill Mesh, Highway 97

Project No. 86002-4541
Rock Slope Stabilization, Callan Bluff, Hwy 97

Project No. 86002-4542
Rock Slope Stabilization Fishtrap Zone 5 Rockfall Highway 5

Project No. 86002-4544
Coffee Creek Bluff Zone 2 Catch Fence Repair, Hwy 31