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Project No. 08601-0001
Bridgeport Road Bus Connection & Highway 99/17A Interchange Improvements

Project No. 08601-0002
Hwy 99 Bus-On-Shoulder Transit Lanes

Project No. 09395-0001
Barnston Island Ferry Docks 2021 Repairs

Project No. 12669-2021
25Mm High Fines Surfacing Aggregate In Stockpile At Sundance Pit #1615, Bond Siding Pit #1565, Teepee Creek Pit #1516, One Island Lake Pit #1650 And Moosemouth Pit #4502

Project No. 12871-0002
Alex Fraser Bridge No. 02753 Pier S15 and N15 Joint Replacement

Project No. 12916-0001
Wildwood Bridge No. 00565 - Seismic Retrofit and Condition Renewal

Project No. 13031-0001
200th Street Interchange Remediation

Project No. 13050-2021
Asphalt Road Resurfacing Side Roads Fraser Valley: Harrison Mills Area Hemlock Valley Road (8.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 16736-2021
Asphalt Road Resurfacing - Side Roads - North Island - Gainsberg Road

Project No. 16850-0001
Heber River Bridge No. 06898 Highway 28

Project No. 16939-2021
Surface Treatment Resurfacing Side Roads South Island Mayne Island

Project No. 23626-0001
R.W. Bruhn Bridge and Approaches - Early Works Clearing Package

Project No. 23788-0001
Highway No. 1 - Cornwall Road Intersection Improvements

Project No. 24644-0001
Kault Hill Road NW Landslide Roadway Reinstatement

Project No. 24665-0001
Big Bar Lake Road Fifty Seven Creek - Road Realignment and Culvert Replacement

Project No. 24832-0001
Highway 97 Callan Road Drainage System Improvements

Project No. 25107-0000
McLean Creek at Eastside Road Culvert Replacement

Project No. 25174-0001
Knife Creek Road - Coldspring Creek Bridge No. 10402 and Cave Road - Wiggins Creek Bridge No. 10403 Replacements

Project No. 25576-0000
Crushed Aggregate in Stockpile - Puntzi Pit No. 1881

Project No. 35735-0001
Gibbons Culvert No. 08634 Rehabilitation, Gibbons Road - 206 - Buffalo Creek

Project No. 37700-0000
Willow River Bridge No. 447 Replacement

Project No. 37760-0000
Simon Fraser Bridge No. 01513 Rehabilitation

Project No. 37943-0000
25mm High Fines Surfacing Aggregate in Stockpile at Sundance Pit #1615, Bond Siding Pit #1565, Teepee Creek Pit #1516, One Island Lake Pit #1650 and Moosemouth Pit #4502

Project No. 84169-0000
Highway 16 - Terrace CVIS Eastbound Weigh-In-Motion (WIM)

Project No. 86002-0250
Three Valley Gap Bluff, Zones 11 to 13, Rockfall Attenuator System

Project No. 86002-4553
Rock Slope Stabilization, Beasley Bluff, Highway 3A

Project No. 86002-4559
Rock Slope Stabilization, Gold Nugget and Alexandra Area Mesh Installation and Repairs, Hwy 1