Capital Project Grants

Each year a portion of the $140 million Community Gaming Grants program budget is allocated to capital projects undertaken by not-for-profit organizations that have a total cost of more than $20,000. The purpose of the sector is to enable the not-for-profit organizations to complete capital projects that provide significant benefit to communities.

At a Glance: Capital Project Sector Information 


2019 Capital Projects Sector Guide (PDF – 530KB)

The Capital Projects Sector is designed to support community-identified needs and priorities that will enhance the wellbeing of individuals in the community. Grants support inclusive and accessible projects that provide widespread benefit to a diverse range of community members. 

Organization Eligibility

Not-for-profit organizations providing programs or services of benefit to the broader community.

See Section 2.1 in the Sector Guide.


Viable capital projects that are primarily for community benefit and are accessible to the public will be considered in three categories:

  • Facilities: construction, renovation or maintenance of facilities.
  • Community Infrastructure: public amenities such as docks and parks.
  • Acquisitions: the purchase of fixed capital assets for long-term use, including vehicles and equipment.

Eligible projects must have a total cost of between $20,000 and $1,250,000. 

See Section 2.2 in the Sector Guide.

Financial Eligibility

Applicants must have matching funds. 

See Section 2.3 in the Sector Guide.

Grant Amount

The total requested grant amount must be between 20-50 per cent of the total estimated project cost. 

The maximum grant amount is $250,000.

See Section 1.4 in the Sector Guide.


One application per organization per year.

One project per application.

Capital Project Grants are awarded on a one grant per project basis.

Successful applicants are ineligible to re-apply for additional funding for the same project in subsequent years.

An organization may apply for both a Capital Project Grant and a Community Gaming Grant/PAC & DPAC Grant in the same year. 

Application Period

Apply from June 1 to July 31, 2019
Final notification*: October 31, 2019

*Final notification date is the latest date that applicants will be notified about the result of their application.

Processing Fee


Processing Time

Applicants will be notified by the appropriate final notification date (see above).

Capital Project Sector Webinar

The Community Gaming Grants Branch hosted a live webinar on April 25, 2019. 


Capital Project Sector Webinar


Additional information, documents, and forms related to the Capital Project Grants Sector are available in this section. Click below to see more information about these resources. Click "Expand All" if you want to see all of the information or if you want to print this page.

These resources are intended to help you prepare for your online application.
Application Tutorial:
This document provides a step-by-step preview of what you will see during your online application for a Capital Project Grant. It includes application instructions as well as tips and suggestions for completing your application. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
This document includes commonly asked questions about using the Gaming Online Service website to apply for a Capital Projects Grant and understanding the Sector Guide.
Example Documents:
The documents below are examples of financial documents that you will be asked to provide during your online application. These types of documents are referenced in the pre-application checklists.
Capital Projects Sector Guide and Conditions:
This document is the authoritative guide to eligibility, the application process, assessment criteria and the appropriate use of funds.

Capital Project Grants Presentation:

Community organizations may be audited by to ensure compliance with guidelines and conditions. This document provides general information about the audit process.
Community organizations may be audited by to ensure compliance with guidelines and conditions. This document provides general information about the audit process.

Contact Us

To inquire about Capital Project Sector Grant applications, please use the email and phone contact information below.

Phone (Victoria): 250 356-1081
Toll-free within B.C.: 1 800 663-7867 ask to be transferred to the number above