Community Gaming Grants program information, forms and resources

This page provides information, forms and resources for Community Gaming Grant applicants and recipients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following documents provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Community Gaming Grants program, the Program Guidelines, and the Online Service system that is used to apply for a grant. 

Financial Reporting

All grant recipients must submit an annual Gaming Account Summary Report to the Branch, within 90 days of the organization’s fiscal year end. The Gaming Account Summary Report provides details regarding activity in the Gaming Account during the organization’s fiscal year.

The following documents provide examples of how to prepare a Gaming Account Summary Report and Reimbursement Summary document.

In addition to the Gaming Account Summary Report, recipients of a Capital Project Grant must also submit a Capital Project Grant Supplement to the Gaming Account Summary Report (CP Supplement).
Note: This form should only be completed by organizations that have received a Capital Project Grant. 

Audit Information

Community Gaming Grant recipients may be audited to ensure compliance with Program Guidelines and Conditions. The document below provides general information about audits.

Reconsideration Process (Appealing a Decision)

An organization may request that the Branch reconsider its decision regarding an application for a Community Gaming Grant. The intent of the reconsideration process is to determine whether any errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations were made in the assessment of the original application. This document provides an overview of the reconsideration process.

Reporting Wrongdoing

This document outlines the requirements for reporting wrongdoing which apply to all licensees and grant recipients.