Community Gaming Grants application resources

This page provides helpful resources to assist applicants to prepare for and submit their online application.

Available resources include:


The following documents provide pre-application checklists to guide your application preparation. Please review the relevant checklist(s) to ensure that you have all required information and documentation available to refer to or to upload to the application. This preparation will make applying faster and easier.

Community Gaming Grants:

Service Clubs:

This document provides information only for Service Clubs that administer a Community Donations Program.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Grants:

Capital Project Grants:

  • See Section 5 of the Capital Projects Grant Guidelineor the Capital Project Grant: Pre-Application Checklist. 
    The 2023 Grant Capital Projects Guidelines applies to Capital Project Grant applications received for the 2023/24 Grant intake, beginning June 5, 2023. 

Example Documents

The following documents are examples of financial documents that you may be asked to provide during your online application. These types of documents are referenced in the pre-application checklists.


The following documents provide a step-by-step preview of what you will see as you complete an online application for grant funding or when requesting special approval to use grant funds for out-of-province travel.

Application Tutorials

Special Approval Tutorials