Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Grants

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Grants are intended to benefit K-12 students in B.C., by enhancing extracurricular opportunities and promoting parent and community involvement. This page includes information about PAC/DPAC Grants including eligibility criteria, grant amounts, how and when to apply and more.

For information about the other types of grant funding available, please review the Community Gaming Grants and Capital Project Grants pages.

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Eligibility Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) or equivalent groups (e.g. parent support groups) at public schools, group 1 or 2 independent schools and First Nation band schools.

District Parent Advisory Councils (DPACs)

Details provided Section 3 of the Community Gaming Grants: 2022 PAC & DPAC Guidelines & Conditions (PDF, 1.6MB).
Grant Amount PAC:  $20 per student, with a minimum grant of $2,000 for PACs with fewer than 100 students
DPAC: $2,500 per year
Application One application per year.
Application Period Apply between April 1 and June 30
Notification by September 30
Processing Fee None

How to Apply

Click below to see information about each step of the PAC/DPAC Grant application process. Click "expand all" if you want to see all of the steps or if you want to print this page.

Check that your organization is eligible to apply for a PAC/DPAC Grant by reviewing the following important documents:

Applicants are encouraged to read both documents in full, as they contain important information about eligibility, application requirements, the use of grant funds, and the responsibilities of grant recipients.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Grant applications must be submitted between April 1 and June 30 each year. Applicants will be notified of the application results by September 30.

There are several helpful online resources to support applicants to prepare for and submit an online application for a PAC/DPAC Grant.

Pre-application Checklist:
Before beginning the online application for a PAC/DPAC Grant, please review the pre-application checklist below, to ensure that you have all required information and documentation available to refer to or to upload to the application. This preparation will make applying faster and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions:
These documents include commonly asked questions about PAC/DPAC Grants, as well as questions about using the Gaming Online Service system to apply for a grant.

Go to the Online Service page to start your online application (look for the "Launch Online Service" button).

The online application must be completed and submitted in one sitting, as the system will time out after approximately 60 minutes. If the system times out, attempting to submit the application may result in an error, and the information entered into the online application may be lost.

We recommend planning to spend 15 - 30 minutes to complete the online application for a PAC/DPAC Grant.

NOTE: Only online applications will be accepted. Mailed, faxed or emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

Ensure that all required supporting documents are submitted with your application. Supporting documents must be uploaded to the online application or emailed to the Branch within 2 weeks of the application submission date.
If you choose to submit supporting documents by email, please include your online application ID number and organization name in the body of the email. Supporting documents may be submitted by email to
PAC/DPAC applicants will be notified by email by September 30.
Please ensure that your email is set to allow messages sent from the Gaming Online Service system (see our Email Tips page).
To check the status of an application, please see Application Status Reports.

If you have questions about your application, you may Contact Us by phone or email.



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