Prepared BC emergency guides and resources

Prepared BC offers downloadable guides and fill-in-the-blank plans to help you prepare for emergencies.

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Core guides

Household Emergency Plan (PDF, 1.9MB)

Fill in the blanks to plan how you and your household will respond to a disaster. Keep a copy of it in your emergency kit for reference.

Household Preparedness Guide (PDF, 1.9MB)

Learn how to identify hazards, make an emergency plan, and build an emergency kit. This guide is a supplement to the Household Emergency Plan.


Hazard-specific guides

Extreme Heat Preparedness Guide (PDF, 9.2MB)

This guide will help you prepare your household and know what to do if an Extreme Heat Emergency occurs.

Wildfire Preparedness Guide (PDF, 4MB)

This guide will help you prepare your household, protect your property and understand what to do if a wildfire is close to your community.

Flood Preparedness Guide (PDF, 4.7MB)

This guide will help you prepare your household, protect your property and know what to do if a flood occurs.

Earthquake and Tsunami Guide (PDF, 1.5MB)

A must-read for anyone on B.C.'s coast, where earthquakes and tsunamis are a real risk. This guide explains what to do before, during and after these events.


Pandemic Preparedness Guide (PDF, 7.9MB)

This guide explains how to prepare for future pandemics and remain prepared during the changing circumstances of a pandemic.

Landslide Preparedness Guide (PDF, 2.1MB)

This guide can help homeowners protect their home and property from landslides, and help buyers identify potential risks.


Circumstance-specific guides

Cover of the PreparedBC Apartment and Condo GuideApartments and Condos Guide (PDF, 1MB)

This guide provides tailored advice for British Columbians living in multi-family housing, such as apartments, condominiums or townhomes.

Resources for people with Disabilities (PDF, 720KB)

Having a disability means you likely need to take preparedness actions above and beyond the “basics.” This guide dives into them.

Prepare Your Pets Guide (PDF, 112KB)

Pets are important members of the household, too! This one-page offers tips on how to include pets in your emergency plan.

Neighbourhood Guide (PDF, 9.1MB)

This guide explores ways you can join forces with your neighbours to respond better to emergencies and recover faster.

Small Business Guide (PDF, 2.47MB) and plan (PDF, 57KB)

This guide is tailored to the unique needs of small business owners. Use this guide to help protect your staff and your investment.

Tourism Operator Guide (PDF, 2.5MB) and Plan (PDF, 6MB)

This guide is tailored to the unique needs of tourism operators. Use this guide's advice to help you look out for the safety of your guests.

Preparedness presentation

Interested in hosting a personal preparedness workshop in your local community or workplace? Get a head start by downloading Prepared BC's pre-built PowerPoint presentation deck.

Social media packages

Creating awareness about preparing for emergencies and seasonal hazards is an important step toward building resilient communities. To help, Prepared BC has created easy-to-use social media packages with pre-formatted content and graphics.