Public emergency preparation and recovery

Prepare or recover from a disaster:

  • Know the hazards and make a plan
  • Prepare emergency supplies
  • Find guides and resources
  • Learn what happens in an evacuation
  • Financial assistance after a disaster

Know the hazards

Knowing which hazards you need to plan for is the first step to getting prepared

Build your kits

Put together a household emergency kit and grab-and-go bag.

Make your plan

Plan how you will respond to a disaster to stay focused and safe.

Guides and resources

Preparedness guides and community resources are available to help get ready for emergencies.

Evacuation and recovery resources

Learn what happens in evacuations, what financial assistance you might be eligible for and other recovery resources.

Education programs and toolkits

Create awareness about preparing for emergencies with Prepared BC's easy-to-use education programs and social media toolkits. 

The information in this section is provided by Prepared BC, British Columbia’s emergency preparedness education program serving the general public, local governments, Indigenous communities and schools. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us at