Emergency management in B.C.

Emergency management in British Columbia is guided by four pillars: Mitigation, Preparation, Response and Recovery. Learn how the province is involved in emergencies and find resources for your household, neighbourhood and community.

Popular resources

Emergency Info BC

Follow Emergency Info BC for information on active emergencies and what to do. 

@EmergencyInfoBC on Twitter.

Disaster financial assistance

Disaster financial assistance is currently available to eligible applicants impacted by flooding. Read more about the program and affected areas.

Prepared BC Guides

Prepared BC offers downloadable guides and fill-in-the-blank plans to help you prepare for emergencies.

Public preparedness and recovery

Prepare or recover from a disaster:

  • Know the hazards and make a plan
  • Prepare emergency supplies
  • Find guides and resources
  • Learn what happens in an evacuation
  • Financial assistance after a disaster

Education programs and toolkits

Education and awareness materials for hazards and preventable emergencies:

  • General public education programs
  • Resources for teachers
  • Community events
  • Social media kits

Indigenous communities and local government

Emergency management for local communities:

  • Make and maintain emergency plans
  • Assessment and analysis tools
  • Response operations guides and templates 
  • Recovery and post-disaster resources
  • Emergency Support Services 
  • Funding for community response and recovery
  • Training staff and volunteers
  • Volunteer programs we work with

Provincial level emergency management

Provincial level emergency management includes:

  • Guiding legislation and policies
  • Testing and exercising provincial plans
  • Indigenous and other partnerships
  • Reports

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