In order to receive payment from MSP for insured services provided to eligible patients, physicians must first enrol with MSP to receive a billing number. After they have enrolled and received their billing number, physicians can submit claims to MSP for services listed in the MSC Payment Schedule and other payment schedules. The following information will help you to enrol and submit claims as well as keep you up-to-date on the latest MSP news and information for physicians.


Physicians who are licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) are eligible to enrol with MSP and obtain MSP billing numbers.

Enrolment status, and, therefore, the possession of an active billing number, is contingent upon the practitioner's continued licensure by the CPSBC. Any change in licensure, such as the renewal of a temporary license or specialty, must be reported to MSP to avoid refusal of claims.

Payment Schedules

The MSC Payment Schedule is the list of fees approved by the Medical Services Commission payable to enrolled physicians for insured medical services provided to beneficiaries enrolled with MSP.

Diagnostic Code Descriptions

All claims submitted by physicians to MSP must include a diagnostic code. This information allows MSP to verify claims and generate statistics about causes of illness and death. The diagnostic codes used by MSP are based on the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases developed by the World Health Organization, commonly referred to as ICD-9.

MSP Tutor

Whether you are new to working in a physician’s office or just want to brush up on your MSP billing knowledge, this series of self-directed learning modules and online quizzes is a great place to start.

Medical Office Assistant Billing Guide

The Medical Office Assistant Billing Guide provides a guide for physicians and medical office assistants. For definitive information on fee-for-service billing codes and amounts, consult the current MSC Payment Schedule. If a discrepancy exists between the information contained in the Guide and the MSC Payment Schedule, the information in the MSC Payment Schedule will prevail.

Physicians' Newsletters

Get up to date and stayed informed about MSP administration and operations, including new and changed procedures, billing rules, programs and services by reading these newsletters.

Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID)

Information for health care providers about medical assistance in dying (MAID) including Physician billing directions.

Intraocular Lens Policy

Information for health care providers about intraocular lens policy changes effective June 4, 2012.