Medical Services Plan

The policies and procedures for enrolling with MSP and receiving payment for the medical services provided to patients vary from one type of practitioner to the next. Find resources and information related to your specific type of medical practice.

Practitioner-Specific Information

Claim Submission & Payment

In order to be paid for the services a practitioner has provided to MSP beneficiaries, a claim must be submitted to MSP.  Learn more about how practitioners bill MSP, what happens if their claim is refused and what is being done to prevent unethical billing.

Billing Integrity Program

The Billing Integrity Program provides audit services to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and the Medical Services Commission (the Commission).

Opting Out of MSP

Physicians and supplementary benefits practitioners are not required to enrol with MSP. If a practitioner chooses to not enrol, they are allowed to charge patients more for a service than is set out in the applicable Payment Schedule. Learn more about the different choices for opting out.

Referrals for Services Outside of Canada

Sometimes it is in a patient’s best interest to receive medical services outside of Canada. If a B.C. specialist physician recommends medical treatment in another country, the specialist must request provincial coverage. Learn more about this process, including what types of medical services are permitted and how to request coverage.

Notification Service

MSP provides an e-mail notification service for physicians and other health professionals who wish to be advised when new issues of MSP publications are posted on the MSP web site. These publications include the Physicians' Newsletter, MSCommuniqué and Clinical Practice Guidelines. Learn more and sign up today.

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