Nurse Practitioners

Overview of Encounter Reporting and Tracking Initiative

The Ministry of Health currently provides funding to assist health authorities with the costs associated with the delivery of nurse practitioner services intended to increase patient access to primary health care. To assist in the ongoing planning and evaluation of nurse practitioner programs, the Ministry has revised the nurse practitioner encounter reporting system to collect more timely patient service encounter information. The intent of encounter reporting is to ensure enhanced accountability for nurse practitioner program expenditures through increased accuracy in reporting and patient utilization information.

The encounter reporting initiative provides nurse practitioners with a list of revised and updated encounter codes currently identified as within nurse practitioners’ scope of practice. The revised encounter codes replace current encounter codes. Nurse practitioners are required by the Ministry of Health to submit appropriate encounter records, including encounter codes and ICD9 codes, through the ministry’s Medical Claims Payment System/Health Insurance BC. To learn more about encounter record submission procedures, see the full document (PDF, 192KB).

Nurse Practitioner (NP) Referrals for Services (MSP List)

The Health Professions Act and Nurse Practitioners Regulation permit NPs to refer their clients to medical practitioners and other health care professionals for consultation and to request laboratory, diagnostic, imaging and other miscellaneous services within their scope of practice as outlined by the BC College of Nursing Professionals.

Commencing January 5, 2019, restrictions on the items referred by nurse practitioners were removed from the MSP/HIBC claims processing system as NPs are expected to order diagnostic tests within their scope of practice and level of competence.

Nurse Practitioner Encounter Records Guide

  1. Definition of Terms (PDF, 68KB)
  2. Nurse Practitioner Enrollment in the Medical Services Plan/Health Insurance BC (PDF, 73KB)
  3. Encounter Record Submission Procedures (PDF, 192KB)
  4. Clinical Record Documentation (PDF, 63KB)
  5. General Preamble to the Encounter Records (PDF, 56KB)
  6. Nurse Practitioner Encounter Code-Complexity Rating Scale (PDF, 180KB)
  7. Encounter Codes (PDF, 716KB)
  8. Diagnostic Code Descriptions (ICD9)