Payment Schedules

Last updated on January 14, 2019

MSP processes claims received from enrolled practitioners for eligible services provided to eligible beneficiaries.  Payment schedules such as the MSC Payment Schedule and RoadSafetyBC Forms Payment Schedule contain details of MSP coverage, rules, fee item codes (represents services provided) and the rates payable by MSP to physicians.

Medical Services Commission (MSC) Payment Schedule

The MSC Payment Schedule is the list of fees approved by the Medical Services Commission payable to enrolled physicians for insured medical services provided to beneficiaries enrolled with MSP. The majority of services provided by physicians fall under this category.

Commencing October 1, 2015, Laboratory Services previously covered under the Medical Protection Act and Hospital Insurance Act and listed in the MSC Payment Schedule are administered under the Laboratory Services Act and Laboratory Services Regulations. Additional information for service providers is available on the Laboratory Services website. 

RoadSafetyBC (formerly OSMV) Forms Payment Schedule

Enrolled physicians and ophthalmologists in B.C. are permitted to claim reimbursement through MSP for the completion and provision of driver's medical examination reports to beneficiaries enrolled with MSP. The RoadSafetyBC Forms Payment Schedule is the list of fees approved by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (RoadSafetyBC) for this service.

Eye Examination Benefits

Routine eye examinations are not a MSP benefit for individuals aged 19 to 64 years.  Medically required eye examinations continue to be a benefit for all MSP beneficiaries.  We are providing the following information to clarify the changes to the eye examination benefits and to provide more detail on when a referral is required.

  • Eye Exams - Criteria for insured eye examinations for beneficiaries between ages 19 to 64.

Midwives Referral Items