MSC Annual Report

The MSC Annual Report provides an annual accounting of the business of the MSC, its subcommittees and other delegated bodies:

MSC Financial Statement (Blue Book)

The MSC Financial Statement (Blue Book) contains an alphabetical listing of payments made by the MSC to practitioners, groups, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic facilities for each fiscal year.

In addition to these downloadable PDFs, the MSC Financial Statements are available for purchase from Crown Publications. You can order a copy from crown publishers by visiting

Fee-for-Service Payment Statistics

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) maintains extensive data on medical and supplementary health care claims and payments for current and past years. The following publications regarding MSP fee-for-service payment statistics are available.

MSP Information Resource Manual Fee-For-Service Payment Statistics 2020/2021

This manual provides selected practitioner and registrant fee-for-service based statistics. It is a quick reference for some of the most frequently asked questions about MSP data.

MSP Fee-For-Service Payment Analysis 2016/2017 - 2020/2021

This report summarizes services and amount paid by fee item for each fiscal year and provides tables highlighting the top fee items by gross payment and paid services.

MSP Physician Resource Report 2011/2012 - 2020/2021

This report contains 10 years statistics based on fee-for-service payments made to British Columbia medical practitioners by the MSP, for services provided to MSP registrants.


The Medical Services Commission has a legal obligation to inform physicians of legislation, policy and protocols that have a direct impact on their practice and billing under the Medical Services Plan. The MSCommuniqué conveys this important information to all physicians in B.C. and is published and distributed as required.










MSC Audit Reports