Assignment of Payment

Last updated on April 11, 2017

An assignment of payment is a legal agreement through which a practitioner designates that MSP payments for his or her services are to be made to another practitioner or to a group such as a clinic or hospital. MSP refuses claims submitted before the assignment processing has been completed.

There are three types of payment assignments:

Locum Tenens - When one practitioner replaces another during holidays or sickness, payment for services may be made either to the principal practitioner or to the practitioner providing the service in the absence of the other. The assignment must be limited to the specific period of coverage. To apply, complete an Application for Assignment of Payment form (PDF, 115KB).

Clinic or Associated Group - Practitioners may assign payment to a clinic or group practice. Normally the clinic or group has a single payment number. The term of the assignment may be for any period up to, but not exceeding, five years. If the term is to be extended, new assignment forms must be completed and submitted prior to the expiry of the current term. Fill out an Application for Assignment of Payment form (PDF, 115KB) to apply.

Diagnostic Facility or Hospital - This type of payment assignment (with its own separate form) allows medical practitioners to assign payment to a diagnostic facility or hospital for specific services such as EMG, Laboratory Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Pulmonary Function Studies, Radiology and Ultrasound. The term of the assignment may not exceed two years. Complete an Assignment of MSP Payments for Diagnostic Facility Services form (PDF, 528KB) to apply.