CMS Lite Alert Messages

On occasion, content editors will be presented with an alert notification when they log into the CMS Lite.  These notifications will be set by COS to alert users of pending system maintenance (that will require that they logout at a specified time).

alert message example

Once the message has been read, you may click the X in the top-right corner to close the message.  The banner will be redisplayed with only the alert icon, giving you the option to redisplay the message at any time.

banner with an alert icon

When you logout (ending the current session) and log back into the CMS Lite, if the alert is still active, the message will be redisplayed. Click the X to close it again.

In the case of a system upgrade, once the new release has been deployed to the application, a green alert message will be displayed with a link to the Release Notes.   

green alert message with link to release notes

Just like the initial alert, an icon will be displayed in the banner when the message is closed and it will continue to display on subsequent sessions until the message is set to inactive by COS.