Test -Prepare For The Onboarding Kickoff Meeting



The purpose of the Kick-Off Meeting is to bring together everyone you will be working with on the onboarding project, to define the roles and responsibilities of the various team members, and to set timelines.

Tip: It is often hard to find a room large enough for a Kick-off meeting and a time that Legal Counsel is available.  You should look at setting a time well in advance, to give the participants time to plan for their availability and to book the meeting room as soon as possible.

Who should be invited?

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Lead for the Province & TELUS
  • Project Manager(s) for the Province & TELUS
  • Negotiators for the Province & TELUS
  • TSMA Contract Managers for the Province & TELUS
  • Subject Matter Experts for the Province & TELUS including technical, security, privacy, financial and reporting experts; and
  • Legal Counsel for the Province & TELUS


What should happen at the Kickoff?

  • The Province should provide TELUS with a copy of the requirements spreadsheet.  The Project Manager for the Province will have already reviewed this document with the Province’s Contract Manager and Business Lead to ascertain if any items are already covered in the TSMA.
  • Review of Project Charter—as the Project Charter is already in Draft and can be shared with TELUS in advance of the meeting, the review of the charter should be no more than a 5 minute exercise.
  • GANTT Chart—This is the meat of this meeting.  A draft GANTT chart should be developed in advance of the meeting.  Timelines for each task along with the responsible team member should be agreed upon.

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