Schedule O - Subcontractors

Last updated on August 16, 2016


What is the purpose of this Schedule?

Who develops the supporting documents required to update the schedule?

When should the schedule's supporting documents be created?

When is this particular schedule used?

What is required for this schedule?



What is the purpose of this Schedule? The purpose of Schedule O is to provide a listing of approved subcontractors and terms and conditions set out for using them under the TSMA. 
Who develops the supporting documents  required to update the Schedule? Changes within the schedule will be developed by the vendor, TELUS, and then reviewed/negotiated with the Province.
When should the Schedule's supporting documents be created? As a schedule applies to all services under the TSMA,  when adding a new service, either a new attachment or a new exhibit (or both) may be required to be added to the schedule.  The appropriate document(s), attachment and/or exhibit, are always created by TELUS after the Province has documented their requirements and the requirements have been reviewed and agreed to by the Vendor (TELUS) via a Term Sheet negotiated by the Province's Legal Representative.
When is this particular schedule used? This schedule is used when onboarding a new service which would require work to be done by a subcontractor.
What is required for this Schedule? It is important that you review the subcontractors required for the new service and compare them to the list of subcontractors under the TSMA.  If a new subcontractor is required they will be added via an attachment (for a service tower) or exhibit (for a service).
Tips: You must find out whether the subcontractor will have access to personal or confidential information, and if so, Schedule VV must be updated accordingly.

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