Telecommunication Services for Government & Broader Public Service

Last updated on April 27, 2016

In 2011, the Province of British Columbia, and a group of public sector partners* entered into a 10 year strategic relationship with TELUS. The strategic relationship includes providing telecommunications services to government and its broader public sector partners, while also addressing government long-term priorities, such as expanded high-speed Internet connections for families and businesses in rural and remote B.C. and increased cellular coverage along segments of provincial highways across the province. The strategic nature of the relationship and related commitments are defined in the following three agreements.

The Strategic Relationship Agreement (SRA) (PDF) defines the strategic relationship, related rights and obligations between the parties, and the principles by which the strategic relationship will be governed. It also details a Strategic Investment Fund for transformative technology projects with direct benefit to citizens, and describes mechanisms for governing the Fund.

The Connecting British Columbia Agreement (CBCA) (PDF) defines how TELUS, working with the Province, will increase access to high-speed Internet service in rural and remote areas and improve access to cellular services along segments of provincial highways. This is a non-monetary agreement.

The Telecommunications Services Master Agreement (TSMA) is the framework for delivery of core telecommunications services by TELUS to the Province and its broader public sector partners Services include long distance, conferencing, cellular, and voice and data network services. The service framework provides flexibility for government to adopt new services as technology changes.

TELUS is not an exclusive supplier of telecommunications to the Province of British Columbia and broader public sector partners. Government will continue to work with other telecommunications vendors, as required.

(*public sector partners include: BC Hydro, Insurance Corporation of BC, WorkSafeBC, BC Lottery Corporation, and seven health authorities).

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