Schedule V - Limitation of Liability


What is the purpose of this Schedule?

Who develops the supporting documents required to update the schedule?

When should the schedule's supporting documents be created?

When is this particular schedule used?

What is required for this schedule?



What is the purpose of this Schedule? The purpose of Schedule V is to provide a limitation of liability should TELUS need to compensate the GPS Entities for a TELUS failure to perform.
Who develops the supporting documents  required to update the Schedule? Changes within the schedule will be developed by the vendor, TELUS and then reviewed/negotiated with the Province.
When should the Schedule's supporting documents be created? It is not contemplated that there will be additions to this schedule when onboarding a new service.
When is this particular schedule used? This schedule is used when onboarding a new service, and this requires a legal review of the current Limitation of Liability.
What is required for this Schedule? It is important that you are aware of the current aggregate limitation of liability and, if what is current is not sufficient, it may need to be adjusted.
  • For example, refer to TSMA Attachment V1
  • This is something that would be handled by legal.  It is not something that the Project Team would address.


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