Test -Onboarding A Service To The TSMA



Many steps are required prior to onboarding a service to the Telecommunications Services Master Agreement (TSMA).  Please use this site as a process map which has information, requirements, tips and templates for onboarding a service.

What do I do first?

1. Before onboarding a service you must ask a few questions to make sure you have your ducks in a row.  Please fill out this questionnaire and make sure that there are no blanks.  This will need to be signed off by your Executive Director.

2. Please develop a business case for your onboarding project.  You will find a template here.  This will need to be signed off by your Executive Director.

3. Work with the TSMA Administrators Office (email link) to develop the first draft of your project charter prior to the “Kickoff Meeting”.

4. A requirements spreadsheet must be filled out prior to the “Kickoff Meeting”.  This will not be your final requirements document.  The purpose of this document is to get your  thoughts on paper.  It is not necessary for the requirements to be in legal jargon at this point or for you to worry about whether it is already covered within the TSMA.  It is a document to start off discussions with the Administrator’s Office, who will assist you to ensure your requirements are appropriately phrased.

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