Price Book


What is the purpose of this schedule?

Who develops this schedule?

When should the schedule be created?


Updating the Price Book to Reflect New Services


What is the purpose of this Schedule? The Price Book links directly to all the services contained in Schedule H and provides the related prices.  Together, Schedule H and the Price Book comprise the Service Catalogue. 
Who develops this schedule? Additions to the Price Book are developed by the vendor, TELUS, and then reviewed/negotiated with the Province. 
When should the schedule be created? The Price Books additions are always created by the vendor in response to the Term Sheet. 
Tips: To review the current Price Book, contact the TSMA Administrator's Office.


Updating the Price Book to Reflect New Services

The Price Book must not contain information that belongs in the service description (Schedule H), so more often all that is required is a table listing the price and a reference number that  clearly links the to the service description in Schedule H.  In addition, the Price Book must contain the name of the service as it will appear on the invoice. 

The types of things to consider aside from the actual price of the service would be:

  • Rates for Services
  • Listing of Included At No Charge Optional features
  • Listing of Optional features
  • Frequency/method (if it exists) for updating/amending the pricing
  • Notes, if applicable
  • Move, Add, Change Fees
  • Professional Services Fees
  • Caveats
  • Disconnect Fee
  • Training Fee
  • Administration Fee


Please note that Price Book, which is sometimes called Schedule C is redacted, and not posted to this site. 

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