After the Term Sheet is drafted and agreed to by each side, TELUS drafts the proposal which may include new or updates to existing contract documents. 

The purpose of this page is to assist in determining the documentation required to bring in a new Available Service under the TSMA.  Specifically, it focuses on the information required for the various Attachments and Exhibits.    

The TSMA is comprised of: 

  • Main Body (describes the terms and conditions under which the services are provided)
    • Schedules (general description and requirements related to the services which apply to everything under the TSMA)
      • Attachments (Attachments fall under Schedules and contain more specific details related to a service tower) 
        • Exhibits (Exhibits fall under Attachments and usually relate to specific services)
    • Price Book (contains pricing for the services)

All these documents must be reviewed in order to determine what is already covered in the TSMA.  Any items not covered in the TSMA but are a requirement for the service, need to be included in your requirements document.

How do you determine which contract documents will be required?

Based on your requirements, the Province's Legal Representative will determine which attachments and exhibits will be required.  This will be reflected in the Term Sheet.

The current schedules are as follows (it is noted where some rarely require additional exhibits or attachments):


Other Requirements: